Don’t expect many draft day trades with no CBA in place

The current labor dispute has certainly tempered the excitement around April’s NFL draft and without a CBA in place for 2012, this year’s draft might be even more lackluster than it’s already become.

Because of a stipulation in the deal, this year’s draft is allowed to take place even though the CBA has expired. But without a CBA in place next year, it would be illegal to have a draft and thus, there may not be one in 2012 if the players and owners can’t get their act together.

But that’s next year. This year, there might not be as many trades as fans are usually accustomed to because without a CBA, teams can’t trade 2012 picks. If franchies like the Panthers, Dolphins or Jets (three teams that don’t have second round picks this year) wanted to trade back into the second round, they’re going to have a difficult time doing so.

The CBA mess has made the draft a lot more interesting this year and not in the way fans would appreciate. From player boycotts to limited trades to the possibility that there won’t even be a draft in 2012, the life has certainly been sucked out of “Christmas in April” this year.

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