I’m Just Saying…the Black Eyed Peas are best left in the studio.

Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas performs during half-time at the NFL’s Super Bowl XLV football game in Arlington, Texas, February 6, 2011. REUTERS/Brian Snyder (UNITED STATES – Tags: SPORT FOOTBALL ENTERTAINMENT)

I’m just saying…

– Christina Aguilera had at least two weeks to prepare for the National Anthem and she still managed to change a word and skip an entire verse. Did someone forget to rub her the right way before she went out to midfield? Because you know you have to do that with her, right?

– What a game by Jordy Nelson: Nine catches, 140 yards receiving and one touchdown. Now imagine how good his numbers would have been had he not dropped two first down passes right in his hands.

– Speaking of drops…James Jones is lucky the Packers held on to the win because his drop in the third quarter was setting up to be the turning point in the game. Nobody can make a potential touchdown disappear faster than James Deandre Jones.

– I want to commend Bruce Arians for his decision to be aggressive when the Steelers were backed up to their own 7-yard line late in the first quarter. Rashard Mendenhall had just ripped the Packers for 24 yards on two carries in the previous series, so naturally Arians wanted to prove how smart he was by taking a shot downfield. Nick Collins and the Packers want to thank you for the gift, Bruce.

– Speaking of horrible ideas by Pittsburgh coaches: What was Mike Tomlin thinking attempting a 52-yard field goal with Shaun Suisham in the third quarter? Did Tomlin know that Suisham was only 5-for-10 kicking in the playoffs or did he think that the front office traded for Adam Vinatieri before the game?

– While we’re beating up the Steelers’ coaching staff: Is it just me or was Pittsburgh’s defense not prepared for Green Bay’s spread formations at the beginning of the game? Granted, the Steelers adjusted nicely throughout, but you’re telling me that Dick LeBeau didn’t think that the Packers would try to spread his defense out from the get-go? What, did he think GB would come out pounding the rock with James Starks against the No. 1 run defense in the league?

– I don’t know much about music but I know crappy live music when I hear it and I heard it Sunday night. The Black Eyed Peas should change their name to something more simple. Like “Studio Magic.”

– Due to an assortment of injuries to his defensive backfield, Dom Capers struggled to find the right coverages in the second quarter and Big Ben took advantage. In that quarter, he completed nine of 13 passes for 123 yards with a touchdown and an interception. But thanks to a 28 minute halftime (usually halftimes are 12 minutes), Capers had time to make adjustments and somewhat contain Roethlisberger in the second half (12 of 19 for 120 yards). So the crowd wasn’t the only thing Fergie and Co. killed last night.

– Did B.J. Raji ever make it to the stadium? I swear he wasn’t on the field.

– Maybe Raji knows where Troy Polamalu is because he never showed up either.

– This is how bad things were for the Steelers last night: Needing just a touchdown and an extra point to win the game, they were forced to start on their own 13-yard line instead of the 26-yard line because their special teams captain committed the dumbest penalty of the season…on special teams, no less. Penalties killed the Steelers all season so Keyaron Fox must have figured, “Hey, what’s one more?”

– I guess Jay Cutler should have broke his knee cap or worn a knee brace on the sidelines during the NFC title game because I haven’t seen any snide remarks from former and current players on Twitter about how Charles Woodson and Donald Driver didn’t finish the Super Bowl.

– Before the 2009 NFL Draft I wrote that Clay Matthews was nothing more than a bodybuilder posing as a football player. Upon further review, I’m nothing more than an ass-hat posing as a blogger.

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