That’s the best you got coming off your bye, Jets?

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - SEPTEMBER 19: Rex Ryan, Head Coach of the New York Jets looks on against the New England Patriots on September 19, 2010 at the New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Even for as banged up as they are, the Green Bay Packers are a damn fine football team. I picked them to win the Super Bowl this year, so this post is in no way intended to downplay their 9-0 victory on Sunday.

But seriously, that’s the best you got, Jets? That’s the best you could do coming off your bye, Rex Ryan?

The Jets outgained the Packers 360 to 237 in total yards, outgained them on the ground (119 to 81) and outgained them through the air (241 to 156). But what the game essentially came down to was one horrendous decision by Ryan to fake a punt on a 4th-and-18 on his own 20-yard line, and three New York turnovers.

I know the Jets only came up a yard short on Sean Weatherford’s fake punt run, but why go for it there? It was so early in the first quarter and the game had no tempo. Punt the ball, play good defense and win the field position game. Don’t take a huge gamble like that and give the Packers the first points in the game.

The Packers only turned one of Mark Sanchez’s two interceptions into points, but coupled with Ryan’s fake punt debacle, the Packers led 6-0 early in the fourth. And because the Jets’ offense couldn’t sustain drives, Crosby’s final field goal with roughly two minutes remaining put the game away.

How could the Jets not muster 10 measly points at home against the most injury-plagued team in the NFL? Again, the Jets were coming off their bye – there’s simply no excuse for them not to score a single point when they had two weeks to prepare for Green Bay. None.

As for the Packers, this was a huge win for their moral. They certainly didn’t dominate New York and they have some serious problems on offense, but they didn’t turn the ball over and they allowed the Jets to beat themselves. For as many injuries as the Packers are dealing with, the end result is the only thing that matters right now and the end result was victory on Sunday.

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