Suspension coming for Favre? That’s doubtful.

NEW ORLEANS - SEPTEMBER 09: Quarterback Brett Favre  of the Minnesota Vikings sits on the bench dejected late in the fourth quarter against the New Orleans Saints at Louisiana Superdome on September 9, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The Saints won 14-9. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t mind seeing Lord Favre go down for this Jenn Sterger scandal. I don’t care how hot Sterger is or that other red-blooded men probably would have attempted the same thing (uh, picking her up…not sending her junk mail) – I still wouldn’t mind seeing the guy get taken down a few pegs.

Favre is an egomaniac. He thinks that because he’s a NFL legend that he can retire or unretire whenever he wants and he probably thought that Sterger would be knocking at his bedroom door at the sound of his voice. I don’t buy the good ol’ boy act anymore and while I still love watching him play, I think he needs a lesson in humility.

That said, he’s not going to be suspended. He’s scheduled to meet with NFL vice president of security Milt Ahreich on Tuesday, but I highly doubt anything will come out of the interview. Sterger isn’t talking about the situation and if the key witness/victim/catalyst won’t talk, then how can the league suspend Favre?

Another thing to keep in mind is that the league has never disciplined Favre before, so he would be a first-time offender if the NFL felt as though he embarrassed the shield by his actions. Plus, he didn’t legally do anything wrong here. It’s not like Sterger filed a sexual harassment suit against him, so even if the league did want to suspend him, how long could they possibly keep him out if he was never charged with anything?

Chances are the only thing Favre will have to deal with is the pain and embarrassment he caused for his wife. Other than that, it’s doubtful anything more will come from the situation.

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