Extending Orton’s contract a good move by Broncos for Tebow

Aug 07, 2010 - Denver, Colorado, USA - Denver Broncos QB TIM TEBOW sported a new hair cut as part of the Broncos Rookie Hazing tradition before practice at Training Camp.

The Broncos did the best thing for Tim Tebow’s development yesterday when they signed Kyle Orton to a one-year, $9 million contract extension through the 2011 season.

Orton has proved this summer that he’s light years ahead of both Tebow and Brady Quinn (who is freefalling down the Broncos’ depth chart) in his understanding of Josh McDaniels’ offense. (And why wouldn’t he be? He already has a year in the system.) He gives the Broncos their best chance of winning now and the contract is a reward for his hard work this offseason.

The extension also takes some of the pressure off of Tebow, who is going to need time to develop. Regardless of whether or not you think he’s going to be great or the second coming of Drew Henson, all young quarterbacks need time to learn. Considering he didn’t run a pro style offense at Florida and is still working out the kinks in his throwing motion, Tebow is going to need even more time before he’s ready to start.

By signing Orton the Broncos are basically saying that he’s their starter and that Tebow can take his time. I know many people can’t wait to see the Tebow era take flight in Denver, but putting too much pressure on a young quarterback too early can be death. He already has enough on his shoulders by being a first round pick – why add to it?

McDaniels will surely put together some packages to feature Tebow’s strength as a runner, but as long as Orton is healthy and productive then he’s going to be the starter. Tebow’s time will come – it just won’t be any time soon.

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