Ryan has right approach with Revis – settle holdout face to face

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - AUGUST 14:  Head coach of the New York Jets Rex Ryan during warms up against the St. Louis Rams during their preseason game at Giants Stadium on August 14, 2009  in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)

While they’re both highly convenient, text messages and e-mails are often aggravating. Too many times the message or intent gets lost in the translation and sometimes people can walk away offended.

That’s why Rex Ryan’s proposal today in regards to Darrelle Revis’ holdout makes a lot of sense.

From ESPN.com:

“This is what I would like to have happen,” said Ryan, whose proposed plan was scripted. “Everybody put their cards on the table. Have Darrelle come here with anybody he wants. We’ll have Mr. Johnson here … We’ll call off practice. We’ll have our whole team there to meet.

“That way, there’s no he-said, she-said. Let’s work it that way. Maybe that’s how we’ll get a solution. Everybody wants a solution. Let’s figure out a way to do it. Maybe this is the way.”

In other words: Let’s cut through the crap.

Ryan says he’s “absolutely serious” about this idea and I “absolutely” believe him. He always says exactly what’s on his mind and there’s little doubt that he would actually call off practice so that Revis’ teammates could be there as he and the Jets ironed out their differences.

Ryan’s proposal works on a couple of different levels. For starters, maybe if Revis’ teammates were there, it would reinforce the concept of “team,” which is a term that has apparently disappeared in the cornerback’s vocabulary of late. Seeing as how Ryan would go as far as to close practice for a day, the gesture may also show Revis how valuable he is. (One would think that he should already know how valuable he is, but actions speak louder than words.)

If his teammates were there, Revis would also have to look everyone in the face and reject an offer that most players would never get in their lifetime. Let’s keep in mind that the Jets have had a 10-year, $120 million offer on the table for months and Revis’ camp reportedly wants $160 million. Come on – get real.

Although hey, maybe I’m the one who should get real seeing as how this meeting between Ryan, Revis and the Jets will probably never happen. The cornerback’s agent would never advise his client to put himself in this situation and feel pressured into signing any deal. That’s why agents always do the talking for the player.

Still, I like Ryan’s suggestion. In the end, he and the Jets want Revis in camp, Revis wants a long-term deal and the team wants to ensure that it doesn’t put itself in cap hell when the new CBA deal is eventually signed. If all parties agreed to meet, then maybe all parties can get what they want in the end.

After all, face-to-face is still the best way to go these days.

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