D-Backs’ Edwin Jackson pitches MLB’s fourth no-no of the year because, you know, they’re easy to do now

The year of the pitcher continues.

Edwin Jackson became the fourth pitcher this season to throw a no-hitter, after he blanking the Rays 1-0 on Friday night. He walked seven of the first 13 batters he faced and threw a career-high 149 pitches, yet still managed to stay in the game in order to make history in the end. Perhaps what’s most amazing about his feat is that he did it against a very good hitting offense in Tampa.

Just what in the name of David Cone is going on here? It used to be that we would see one or two no-hitters a season, but we’ve already been privy to four this year alone. It’s not even July; we haven’t even reached the All-Star break yet.

Not since the 1991 season has baseball seen four pitchers throw no-hitters in a single year. The Rangers’ Nolan Ryan, the Phillies’ Tommy Greene, the Expos’ Dennis Martinez, the White Sox’s Wilson Alvarez and the Royals’ Bret Saberhagen all threw no-no’s in ’91, while members of the Orioles and Braves each threw combined no-hitters that year as well.

Considering there have already been four thrown this season, we could be looking at a potential record-breaking year for no-hitters. It’s almost like fans are expecting them every month now. I saw that Jackson threw his last night and the first thing that crossed my mind was, “Yeah, that’s about right.”

Not to pile it on, but had Jim Joyce not blown Armando Galarraga’s perfect game in Detroit a couple weeks ago, this year would have already matched 1991’s output. That’s incredible.

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