Darrelle Revis, you can’t be serious.

Newsday’s Bob Glauber reports that the Jets are willing to give Darrelle Revis the biggest contract ever for a defensive back (one that will approach $100 million), but apparently the corner is holding firm in his demands that he wants a contract that exceeds the Raiders’ Nnamdi Asomugha.

He can’t be that greedy, can he? Tell me that nobody is that greedy. Are you telling me that Revis wouldn’t want to make $12 million annually for the next nine years because Asomugha makes over $15 million a year? He has that much of an ego that he’d pass that up?

No, I refuse to believe that. I refuse to believe that Revis would turn down a $100 million contract because he cares more about being the highest paid cornerback in the league. I refuse to believe that he cares more about the moniker have being the highest paid NFL corner than he does about winning Super Bowls or seeing his teammates (i.e. Nick Mangold) get new contracts as well.

Revis should be reminded that he still has three more years left on his current contract. The Jets don’t have to offer him anything and he’d still be obligated to honor his current deal. If they wanted to offer him a ham sandwich and a cold glass of milk, he should be grateful.

I hope nobody thinks that highly of themselves that they would turn down the opportunity to make $100 million.

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