Reds’ outfielder Nix helps Braves complete amazing comeback

Usually when a club is down seven runs in the ninth, fans are busy making their way out of the stadium. But those that stayed to watch the end of the Reds-Braves game yesterday afternoon were treated to a thriller. (Unless they were Cincinnati fans, who were treated to heartburn.)

The ball was heading for the yellow stripe before Nix intervened, so even if he didn’t get his glove on it, the ball would have probably been ruled a homer anyway. Still, to come thisclose to robbing a potential game-winning dinger only to have it go off your glove and over the wall must be excruciating.

What’s even more excruciating is thinking about how the Reds’ pen gave up that big of a lead in the ninth. Come on, fellas – close the door!

What a cool moment for Conrad, though. He’s a 30-year-old journeyman who had played just 36 games in the majors before this season and who has largely been a pinch-hitter.

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