Report: Santana Moss was one of Galea’s clients

According to a report by the Buffalo News, Redskins receiver Santana Moss was one of the professional athletes who allegedly received treatment from Dr. Anthony Galea, who has been charged with smuggling muscle-building drugs into the U.S. But as the article points out, Moss isn’t in any trouble, nor is he being accused of taking performance-enhancing drugs.

“At this juncture, any of the persons who are alleged to have used these substances are considered witnesses, and not targets, of this investigation,” Hochul told The Buffalo News.

“Officials of the NFL and other sports organizations can sleep soundly tonight, because there is nothing he did with these athletes to help them with performance enhancement,” Mahoney said Wednesday.

“[Galea] strictly provided treatment for injuries. If any athlete got [human growth hormone], it was injected directly into injured tissue, in very small amounts, for purposes of healing.”

In a day and age where PEDs are the most controversial subject in sports, it’s too bad that Moss’ name is being tied in with the “Steroid Doctor.” But at least those conducting the trial are going out of their way to make sure the media knows that Moss hasn’t done anything wrong.

Update: I spoke too soon. The Washington Post is now reporting that Moss could be suspended for HGH. I’ll stay on top of the story and post more as news develops.

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