Mike Shanahan needs talking about Albert Haynesworth like he needs another hole in his…

Mike Shanahan seems to be at his wits end talking about defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, who continues to be a ghost while the rest of his teammates work out at the Redskins’ OTAs.

From the Washington Post:

Shanahan took questions from the audience and was asked this question about his plans for defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth: “With all the money we gave Albert Haynesworth, what do you plan on doing with him?”

Shanahan replied: “I really believe this: You’re either in or you’re out. I don’t like to give people any attention that’s not with us. As far as I’m concerned if you want to talk about the people that work every day, that do the little things the right way, I’ll talk forever. I’m not going to talk about people that aren’t with us.”

I know it’s the media’s job to keep probing Shanahan about his feelings towards Haynesworth, but what do they want him to say at this point? He hasn’t shown up, so there’s nothing Shanahan can do or say about it.

“Hey, Mike. I know we’ve asked you this every day for the past three weeks, but what are your feelings about Albert Haynesworth?”

“Wait here – I’m going to go blow my brains out and when I come back, I’ll tell you.”

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