Cushing’s attorney says client had existing gland issue

Brian Cushing’s camp is fighting to maintain the linebacker’s innocence. Now his attorney is stating that Cushing’s positive drug test came from an enlarged pituitary gland and a surgical procedure he had while at USC.

From the Houston Chronicle:

Steinberg was brought in by Condon after Cushing learned in October he had failed the first test taken in September. Steinberg explained the process.

“For every test, there are two samples taken — ‘A’ bottle and ‘B’ bottle,” Steinberg said. “If ‘A’ bottle tests positive, then ‘B’ bottle is tested by a separate lab.

“The ‘A’ bottle was barely over the discernible and legal limit pursuant to the policy. The ‘B’ bottle got tested, and we were notified it was below the limit. As a result, it was deemed to be a negative test.”

Then Cushing submitted to another test several weeks later, according to Steinberg. Both samples came back positive.

“When we inquired about the level (of the new ‘A’ bottle), we were told it was about the same as the original ‘A’ bottle, the first test,” Steinberg said. “We were operating under the premise that we may well get a negative ‘B’ bottle, which would render this test negative as well. When that ‘B’ bottle came back positive, then it became a positive test.”

The article goes on to note that two NFL experts disagreed on whether or not males can naturally produce hCG in their bodies. One expert said no, the other said yes. So now Cushing’s camp can pit the two experts against each other. As Cushing’s lawyer said, if the two NFL experts are in disagreement, how can the NFL hold up the linebacker’s suspension?

That said, keep in mind that this is coming from Cushing’s lawyer, who is paid to build a defense for his client. We’ll just have to wait and see what other reports are released, because it’s clear that this story isn’t dying. I will say this: if Cushing is innocent, he’s going all out to prove it, which is what somebody should do if they’ve been wrongly accused.

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