Cushing: “I haven’t done anything wrong.”

Suspended linebacker Brian Cushing claims that while his positive drug test was for the substance hCG, he never injected or ingested it.

So how did it get into his system?

From the Houston Chronicle:

“I was tested in September, and I found out in October I had tested positive,” he said. “I played the rest of the season thinking I had tumors.”


Cushing said he didn’t inject or ingest the hCG that he tested positive for. He said he was unfamiliar with hCG until he tested positive for it, and when he sought advice from doctors, he was told the only way it could have gotten into a system is through injection or by having a tumor.

“I tested positive for such a small amount it can’t be performance enhancing,” Cushing said during a press conference at Reliant Stadium. “I’ve got to get medical help to find out why it happened and to keep it from happening again. I’m not going to change my workout regime or anything I do because I know I haven’t done anything wrong.”

I can’t imagine that this kid played an entire season thinking he had tumors and the Texans didn’t do anything about it. So either he’s lying about how the hCG got in his system or the Texans are the most irresponsible franchise in the history of football.

While you’re chewing on that, here’s an interesting tidbit from AOL on Cushing’s potential steroid problem:

One NFL general manager, requesting anonymity, offered this scorching view: “We did our research on him before the draft last year and we concluded he was a chronic steroid user dating back to high school. More than a few people were surprised when he passed the steroid tests at the combine. I think the guy became a pro at masking it, until he was caught. I definitely would have taken my vote back on that award if I had one.”

There may not have been a more privately and publicly rumored steroid user than Cushing before any NFL Draft.

Granted, there was never been proof before this positive test that Cushing was a steroid user. But while I should probably just leave it at that and move on, I must say: If it walks, talks and acts like a duck, the freaking thing is probably a duck.

We’ll see. Maybe more will be uncovered, or maybe this story will die now that he’s made a public statement. But if he is lying, rest assured somebody will find out.

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