What’s next for Campbell and Clausen now that McNabb deal is done?

Donovan McNabb wasn’t the only quarterback affected by Easter Sunday’s trade between the Eagles and Redskins, as Jason Campbell has now lost his starting job and Notre Dame prospect Jimmy Clausen could freefall in this month’s draft.

There’s no doubt that the Redskins will look to move Campbell this offseason, but the question is whether or not they’d be willing to take a mid-round pick for him. Obviously teams know that with McNabb now on board, Campbell is expendable. The Redskins would be fooling themselves if they believed they could recoup the second round pick they gave to Philadelphia and should be willing to take a mid-rounder (a third, fourth or even a fifth round selection) just to get something in return for an unhappy Campbell.

What teams would be interested in Campbell? The Rams, Raiders and Bills all need quarterbacks and depending on whether or not Mike Holmgren believes Campbell could be a long-term fit in Cleveland, the Browns might be interested as well. Campbell spent the last couple seasons in the West Coast Offense, so the Browns make sense (even though they added Jake Delhomme and Seneca Wallace this offseason), but again, only if Holmgren sees him as a long-term solution and as of right now, there’s nothing to suggest that he does. And with the Rams presumably set to take Sam Bradford at No. 1, which leaves the Raiders and Bills as the most likely trade suitors when it comes to Campbell.

As for Clausen, several draft pundits (myself included) thought that he would wind up going to Washington with the fourth overall pick later this month. But now that the Redskins have McNabb, they’ll likely look at an offensive tackle in the first round, which means Clausen could freefall out of the top 10.

Given that Pete Carroll unsuccessfully recruited Clausen at USC, the Seahawks (who have the sixth overall pick) are now being linked to the Notre Dame prospect. But considering how much Seattle gave up to acquire Charlie Whitehurst from the Chiefs, it’s a stretch to think the Seahawks would take Clausen at No. 6.

This is just speculation on my part, but what about Cleveland at No. 7 or Oakland at No. 8 as possibilities for Clausen? Some people feel as though the Browns won’t draft another Notre Dame quarterback after the Brady Quinn experiment failed, but don’t forget that Cleveland has a new front office, thus making that notion a little absurd. As for the Raiders, they were believed to be the front-runners for McNabb less than a week ago, so they’re no doubt looking for someone to replace the ultimate waste of space that is JaMarcus Russell.

It’ll be interesting to see where Campbell and Clausen wind up now that McNabb is in Washington. The paths of those two quarterbacks have just changed dramatically.

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