Holmes’ police report doesn’t mesh with victim’s story

Santonio Holmes, who is facing a civil lawsuit in Florida after a woman accused him of throwing a drink at her, gave the police a different account of what happened the night he was charged than the victim did.

From ESPN.com:

Holmes told an Orlando Police Department officer that the alleged victim, Anshonae Mills, grabbed his wrist, got in his face and called him a racial name after he asked for his seat back in the VIP section of Club Rain earlier this month.

Mills, 21, told a different story in a civil lawsuit she filed last week against 26-year-old Holmes. In the lawsuit, she claimed that the Super Bowl MVP got in her face and then hit her with the glass after she refused to give up her seat.

Mills had a quarter-inch abrasion above her right eye but refused medical attention, the police report said.

Holmes denied touching Mills and said another woman threw the glass that hit Mills in the face. After both Mills and Holmes were escorted out of the nightclub, Mills asked the police officer if she could speak to Holmes alone, the police report said.

Holmes agreed to speak with her and they walked several feet away. The police officer saw Mills smiling and rubbing Holmes’ face, according to the police report.

Ever notice that when an athlete gets in trouble, they always have a fall person to take the blame? When Braylon Edwards allegedly punched a Cleveland nightclub owner last year, he claimed that somebody else in his party did it. Now that Holmes is being accused of throwing a drink on this woman, he’s claiming that somebody else did it.

I’m not saying that Holmes is guilty of anything, but it is interesting that it was always somebody else’s fault in these situations. Maybe Holmes is completely innocent, but you can smell the stink on this story from a mile away.

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