With a little help from Jay Bilas, Rockin’ Refuel helps one high school athlete go to college

Given what has transpired over the past couple months in sports, it’s kind of hard to weed through the headlines and find a positive story. From Tiger Woods to Ben Roethlisberger, there have been enough negative sports headlines to go around.

So if I may, I’d like to take a second to focus on a positive storyline – one that I was able to participate in and see unfold first hand.

Shamrock Farms is a local milk processor out of Phoenix that has developed a new product called Rockin’ Refuel, which is a protein-enhanced milk geared towards helping young athletes rebuild, recover and refuel after workouts. The drink boasts that it has 40 percent more protein than regular milk and is chockfull of vitamins.

At the beginning of the month, Rockin’ Refuel teamed up with an organization called Hoop It Up 3-on-3 (a local market 3-on-3 basketball tour that is affiliated with the American Cancer Society and Coaches vs. Cancer) in New York City to help kickoff a great event. Along with ESPN college hoops analyst Jay Bilas, Rockin’ Refuel traveled to Xavier High School in Manhattan to conduct the “Most Rockin’ Shot,” which was a contest that gave one lucky student a $10,000 academic scholarship.

Thanks to Rockin’ Refuel, I was flown out to New York City and had the opportunity check out the event first hand, which was exciting to say the least. At the high school, Xavier’s upperclassmen packed the gymnasium and the four members from Hoop It Up put on a show by doing trick shots and attempting dunks from various parts of the floor. One of the taller, bigger members of the group got the high schoolers riled up on several occasions by taking alley-oop shots and thundering home some monstrous jams.

After Hoop It Up kicked things off, Jay spoke to the young adults about how Rockin’ Refuel can help aid them in their workouts and he also touched on the topic of cancer and how it affects most people in some way throughout our lives. He then helped introduce the contestants in the “Most Rockin’ Shot” event and took his place at the judge’s table along with representatives from Hoop It Up, Xavier High School and Coaches vs. Cancer.

The event itself was great. All the contestants were from Xavier and it was fun to watch them try to outdo each other with their “Most Rockin’ Shot.” Some kids tried to dunk, while others attempt half court shots from their knees and even from behind their backs. One young man even threw the ball up against one of the side walls trying to get the shot to fall. Had he made it, he was my favorite to win it all, although another young man attempted to bribe Jay’s vote by wearing a makeshift Duke #21 jersey so he deserved some credit for being creative.

“Most Rockin’ Shot” winner Euroy Smith attempts an alley-oop dunk during the contest

In the end, a young man named Euroy Smith stole the show by running from behind the three point line and slamming home a dunk. Euroy’s peers went wild both times he completed the dunks and it was clear by the expressions on the judges’ faces that he would take home the award, which he inevitably did. Now he gets $10,000 to sink into his college education, which must be a thrill to him and his family. Congratulations, Euroy.

After the event, I got the opportunity to ask Jay why he decided to pair up with Rockin’ Refuel to take part in this great event and this is what the former Duke basketball star had to say:


“It’s a product that I’ve gotten to know through the people at Shamrock Farms and they came to me and asked me if I would be willing to get involved. I’m on the board with Coaches vs. Cancer and you know, cancer is a thing that affects all of us in one way or another. Whether you’re going through it yourself or maybe it’s a family member or a friend, it touches all of our lives. So I’ve been involved in the fight vs. cancer for a lot of years and I’m really proud of Shamrock Farms and Rockin’ Refuel for lending their brand name and their resources to get behind this cause.

At the same time, I’m a former athlete that still competes – just not at the same level I used to. But I have two kids that compete and when my son, who is a basketball player, tried Rockin’ Refuel I told him that there has been a lot of research done that says the best thing to drink after a competitions is chocolate milk. I had him try Rockin’ Refuel and he loves it. I love it too, although I’m not sure I love it like he does because it’s unbelievable how he goes through that stuff. But you know, when something tastes like that, is good for you and gives you what you need to recover, then what a luxury. We were honored to be a part of this.”

– ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas


For more information on Rockin’ Refuel, Shamrock Farms and Jay Bilas’ part in this great event, check out Rockin’ Refuel’s official website.

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