Is Holmgren done upgrading the Browns’ quarterback situation?

Far be it for me to question Mike Holmgren’s decision making because the man certainly knows what it takes to build a competitive football team. But what is he thinking in regards to the Browns’ quarterback position?

Holmgren wanted to upgrade Cleveland’s quarterback situation during the offseason because he wasn’t satisfied with Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson. Given Anderson’s play last season, I’m surprised he wasn’t cut the moment Holmgren put his John Hancock on his contract in Cleveland. As for Quinn, it’s debatable whether or not he should still have the opportunity to compete for the Browns’ starting job. I wouldn’t criticize Holmgren if he kept Quinn and I wouldn’t criticize him if he traded him for a box of shot glasses and a bottle of Jameson.

But is Holmgren really set to enter the 2010 season with Jake Delhomme (whom was recently signed to a two-year deal) and Seneca Wallace (whom was recently acquired in trade with Seattle) at quarterback? Delhomme wanted to be a starter and wouldn’t have signed with Cleveland if he weren’t promised that he’d get at least get the opportunity to compete in training camp. So the question is: What did Holmgren see in Delhomme last year to make him think that the former Panther could still be a starter in this league?

Let’s be clear: Delhomme is done. His accuracy and decision-making are horrid and he hasn’t played with confidence since his six-interception game against the Cardinals in the playoffs two years ago. He’s better suited to be a backup at this point, which means Wallace might wind up being the Browns’ starter once he beats out Delhomme in training camp. Outside of the fact that he’s familiar with the offense that Holmgren wants to run, the thought of Wallace starting should scare Brown fans. He’s fine in small doses and can keep a team competitive if he has to sub for a couple of games, but he’s incapable of leading a team over the entire course of the season.

That said, let me take a step back and look at the situation from Holmgren’s point of view. He knows the Browns aren’t a quick-fix project that he can turn around over night. So he brings in a couple of veteran QBs to help bridge the gap until something better comes along. Maybe he’s targeting a signal caller in this year’s draft or believes he has a better chance to find his QB of the future next offseason. Who knows – obviously Holmgren has a plan in place, but I just can’t see what it is.

In Holmgren Brown fans trust, which they should. He built winners the last two stops he’s made, so he’s the right man to lead the rebuilding project in Cleveland. I just hope he doesn’t think that swapping Anderson and Quinn for Wallace and Delhomme is an upgrade. That’s like trading in a bag of burning crap for a bag of burning garbage.

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