Martinez wants to stay in Boston, but won’t talk contract during the season

Victor Martinez would prefer to stay with the Red Sox past 2010, but he isn’t open to negotiating a contract extension with the team during the season.

From the Boston Herald:

“As soon as the season starts, I don’t want to be talking about numbers or be talking about something that can distract me from the game and distract my teammates,” Martinez said. “That’s the last thing I want with this great team they’ve put together. Maybe, who knows, they come to me in spring training with something.

“Honestly, I’m all open now until the season starts. As soon as the season starts, I barely talk to my mom.”

While I fully endorse young men talking to their moms as much as possible, I love V-Mart’s attitude and take on this topic. Players should focus on their game during the season and not on their contract. I understand a player’s contract is highly important, but that doesn’t mean a player shouldn’t fulfill his promise for the final year of his current deal just because he hasn’t been offered an extension.

Too many players gripe about their contract during the season and become a distraction. Good to see Martinez won’t be one of them.

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