Jay Cutler plans to show up to Broncos’ mandatory workouts

Even though his situation with head coach Josh McDaniels and the Broncos is extremely rocky right now, quarterback Jay Cutler still plans on showing up at Denver’s mandatory workouts.

Jay CutlerI was able to communicate with Cutler Monday afternoon. He indicated to me that he still plans to be in Denver for the Broncos mini-camp in April. That’s the earliest he’s required to report without being in violation of his contract. So far, Cutler has skipped the Broncos voluntary workouts that began a week ago Monday.

Cutler also let me know that he saw parts of Josh McDaniels’ interview with the NFL Network on Monday. In that interview, McDaniels stated several times that Cutler is his quarterback and he hopes to keep the lines of communication open to resolve their differences. When asked if he thought the situation was reparable, McDaniels said yes.

Cutler had no comment on McDaniels’ interview.

Considering word leaked yesterday that Cutler didn’t return a text message that McDaniels recently sent him, this all seems like Cutler is trying to save face. He clearly wants out of Denver and is going to great lengths in order to accomplish that. So him all of a sudden saying that he plans on showing up to workouts seems strange, unless he figures that this will help him get traded faster.

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