Smoltz jets Atlanta for Boston – is Chipper Jones next?

The Red Sox have signed 41-year old veteran pitcher John Smoltz to a one-year contract, outbidding the Braves’ efforts to retain his services. Considering Smoltz played 21 years in Atlanta, several Braves (including Chipper Jones) are wondering when their time will be up in Hotlanta.

“I’m [upset],” said third baseman Chipper Jones, using stronger language than that. “I’m really [upset]. … I’ve said all along, every dog has his day. Today, it’s Smoltz’s day. I dare say my day is not far off.”

One has to think that the Braves are eventually going to part with all of their long-term players (like Chipper) and start moving towards the future. I would have never thought I’d see the day Smoltz dress in another team’s uniform, but that day is here and maybe Jones is right in saying his time is coming up.

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