Jamal Lewis questions Browns’ play-calling

Running back Jamal Lewis is starting to publicly question the Browns’ play-calling this season.

Jamal Lewis“You see it for yourself,” Lewis said. “The worst thing about it is how you prepare. You prepare to come out here and do your job and be the best you can be. Then, the most disturbing thing is when you’re not really able to get out there and put that stuff to work on the field. You do all you can do, and then it’s just put to rest come game time.”

He attributed the botched handoff between him and Anderson in the fourth quarter to a bad call. He also said he was surprised by quarterback Brady Quinn’s benching because Anderson hadn’t taken any first-team snaps all week. Anderson was charged with the fumble.

“It’s kind of an awkward position to put the quarterback in, a new quarterback that hadn’t practiced with the starters,” he said. “It’s an awkward handoff, and I think it was just the exchange. I don’t even know if I actually had the ball.”

Lewis said perhaps the coaches rested him for much of the first half because he was dinged on the play on which he coughed up the ball.

“It was bad ball-handling – I should’ve had it up high and tight,” he said. “Somebody came and blindsided me. I was trying to make something happen. I was OK after that, but coach wanted to make sure everything was good with me.”

Lewis stressed that “everyone has to be on point, not just the players that suit up.”

This has more to do about wins and losses than it does play-calling. Lewis is just frustrated that the Browns are losing and that he’s not more involved in the offense. When Cleveland was scoring 25-plus points a game last year, nobody was questioning anything. This is what happens when a team starts to lose – players and coaches start pointing fingers.

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