Boras: Dodgers’ offer for Manny not long enough

The Los Angeles Dodgers have a $45 million offer on the table for Manny Ramirez, but apparently the contract it isn’t long enough for agent Scott Boras’s liking. The Dodgers are offering a 2-year deal, but Ramirez and Boras are seeking a 6-year contract.

One of the two sources said the Dodgers presented agent Scott Boras with a back-loaded deal that would pay Ramirez $15 million in 2009, down from the $20 million he earned this year. Dodgers General Manager Ned Colletti said Wednesday that the contract included an option year.

Boras wouldn’t confirm the details of the proposed contract but wondered aloud why it didn’t include more years. He has said that Ramirez deserves a six-year deal.

“There is evidence of major league teams giving a player that’s older a contract for five years,” Boras said.

The reference was to the five-year deal the San Francisco Giants awarded Barry Bonds in 2002, when he was 37. Boras noted that he negotiated that contract with Colletti, who was the Giants’ assistant general manager at the time.

Six years seems ridiculous given Manny’s age, but then again, it’s not like his production is declining. Nobody knows if he’ll continue to play at a high level in his late 30s, but he seems like a decent risk worth taking.

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