Blogging the Bloggers: Erin Andrews’ workout partner, A-Rod, Artest’s idea of humor and more

BUSTED COVERAGE informs us that NBA TV beauty Melanie Collins goes to the same gym as Erin Andrews. Good God. Where do we sign up?

– Speaking of Erin, SPORTSbyBROOKS says the engagement ring she’s wearing is “for show.” Though if it’s meant to ward off unwanted advances, why tell everyone its true purpose?

LARRY BROWN SPORTS found a quote from Sixers guard Andre Miller where he says that one of the Magic players said that they were a better team without Dwight Howard. I wonder if it was Howard’s backup, Marcin Gortat…

DEADSPIN has video of Ron Artest joking about his history of going into the stands and trying to beat up fans that throw beer on him.

TONYBLOGS wonders why the media is yawning about the allegations that A-Rod has used steroids since high school.

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Blogging the Bloggers: Tuesday

THE WORLD OF ISAAC has video of the Michigan State game where Tom Izzo was mic’ed up, and someone apparently forgot to hit the “bleep” button. The site also has a list of the 11 Hottest Sports Movie Tomboys, which includes the delectable Kate Bosworth from “Blue Crush” (right).

– In light of the Cardinals/Eagles tilt this Sunday, DEADSPIN provides an informative FAQ for those of us that have been ignoring the Cards all these years.

TONYBLOGS brings us the bizarre story (and that’s an understatement) of the (male) limo driver (and convicted burglar) that brought sexual harassment charges against Eddy Curry.

SHUTDOWN CORNER examines the coaching record of Tony Dungy’s successor, Jim Caldwell. Not pretty.

– Remember the video of Chris Berman’s temper tantrum? Well, DEADSPIN has a photo of Berman showing up late to the “Sunday NFL Countdown” set. Way to walk the walk, Chris!

– FSU free safety Myron Rolle is a smart, smart man. He is a Rhodes Scholar and intends to forgo the NFL Draft (where he is projected to be drafted in the first round) and instead attend Oxford University — that’s right, the Oxford University — for a year before entering the draft in 2010. SPORTSbyBROOKS has all the details.

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