Jerry Jones: ‘I wouldn’t trade Tony Romo for anybody’

Apparently there has been talk recently that Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones would trade Tony Romo for Jay Cutler if he had the opportunity. But Jones recently laughed those rumors off and quickly noted that Romo is still his guy

He ended his 30-minute session by saying, “I wouldn’t trade Tony for anybody.” I think that was in response to some of the fantasy talk about trading Romo for Jay Cutler. Here’s the other stuff Jones said about Romo:

“I’ve always been so amused about any talk of Tony and his focus on football and his work ethic,” Jones said. “Tony’s boring. He won’t talk about anything but football and the Cowboys and how to move the ball and what plays we can run. I don’t know if I’ve been around anybody that’s just that into football. I wish he would talk more about spicy things, but I can’t get him to.”

So other than his desire for Romo to spice up his conversations, Jones seems to feel pretty good about the quarterback. He talked about how pleased he was that wide receiver Roy Williams (remember him?) and Romo have been working out together so much at Valley Ranch. Jones said that Williams showed up for workouts three weeks before the actual voluntary workouts began.

Romo is at a fork in the road. 2009 will mark his fourth season as a starting quarterback and it seems like he sits right at the edge of very good and great. He has been criticized about his overall desire to play the game of football and his personal life has also been attacked. How he responds will be crucial. Is he a Super Bowl caliber quarterback or a signal caller that needs a lot around him in order to win?

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