Troy Aikman criticizes Tony Romo

Former Cowboys’ quarterback Troy Aikman criticized current Dallas signal caller Tony Romo for saying he doesn’t worry about how he or his actions are publicly perceived.

Troy Aikman“I think maybe things happened so quickly for Tony in terms of obscurity to all of a sudden national spotlight that he hasn’t fully grasped what being the Cowboys quarterback is all about,” Aikman said to Irvin. “And you don’t go to Cabo the week before a playoff game. You just don’t do it.

“It didn’t take away from his preparations. I know that. I mean, everything he says is I think accurate. I don’t think that had any bearing.

“But to say, ‘I don’t worry about perception,’ you better worry about perception, because it’s a big part of making it through some very difficult times.”

Romo famously vacationed in Cabo San Lucas with girlfriend Jessica Simpson during the bye week before last year’s NFL playoffs.

I think Romo is at a crossroads right now in his career. He knows he’s talented enough to get by, but seems to lack the focus and drive to take it to that next step. A lot of players want to get by on their talent alone and it’s not until later in their careers when they realize they have to do that little extra in order to become great.

Romo is a very likeable player and outside of playing for the Cowboys (who are shoved down everyone’s throats by the NFL Network every day), he’s easy to root for. Hopefully he takes Aikman’s (who knows what it takes to win a Super Bowl, although I don’t know if he has the right to tell Romo how to spend his personal time) comments in stride and turns this offseason into a positive. If not, he seems to have already hit his ceiling in terms of potential.

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Tony Romo takes a homeless man to the movies

Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo is one sweet, sweet man.

Tony RomoA homeless man who goes by Doc was cashing in change at a Cinemark Theatre in Dallas when a guy walked up and offered to pay his way into the movie. He planned to spend his day passing out fliers and accepted a rain check before realizing that he recognized the generous gentleman.
“Was that Tony Romo?” Doc asked the worker behind the counter.

It sure was. Doc, who requested that his real name not be used, hustled across the street to the consignment store that paid him to occasionally pass out fliers and requested the day off. By the time he got back to the theater, Role Model had already started.

Romo, who confirmed the story but didn’t want to elaborate, waved Doc over to sit by him and his friend. Doc sheepishly mentioned that he hadn’t showered in a few days.

“Don’t worry about that,” Romo said. “I’m used to locker rooms.”

And so the $67 million quarterback and a man who doesn’t have $6.70 to his name sat next to each other and shared laughs for 90 minutes or so.

For Romo – who made news by changing a couple’s tire on a roadside on the way home the night of the season opener – it was just another kind gesture to a random stranger. It meant the world to Doc.

“For me, it was a blessing,” Doc said. “It came at just the right time. It gave me some encouragement and faith in mankind. I just wanted to say thank you.”

Hot ass Jessica Simpson got herself a good one. Call me sentimental, but I think that’s a cool story. It sure beats hearing every couple of days about Larry Johnson spitting and slapping (allegedly) women around.

Tony Romo to miss four weeks

Tony is reporting that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo could miss up to four weeks because of a broken pinkie finger.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has a broken pinkie on his throwing hand and will be out four weeks, a team source told ESPN’s Michael Smith.

Romo initially was diagnosed with a pinkie sprain in Sunday’s 30-24 overtime loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

Veteran quarterback Brad Johnson, the Cowboys’ holder on kicks, is Romo’s backup.

The Cowboys have lost two of their last three games after starting the season 3-0.

For a team that just lost to the Arizona Cardinals, this is crippling for the Cowboys. Their offense is going to look quite different with “Elbow Pads” Johnson in there. That’s not to say that Johnson is going to be a complete waste (he does have plenty of weapons around him), but all of a sudden Dallas looks incredibly vulnerable.

Ouch! The upside is that owners with Tony Romo are probably doing pretty well record-wise, so maybe they can weather the storm for four weeks. Then again, maybe not. Brad Johnson seems like the easiest move to make, though there’s no guarantee that he has enough left in the tank. He’s a vet, however, and he’s walking into an offense with a ton of weapons. Trent Edwards is out there on a few waiver wires and he has nice matchups in Week 7 and Week 9. Matt Cassel has nice matchups the next two weeks but it looked like he’d post big numbers against a shaky Chargers defense and was unable to have any success. Matt Ryan is on bye this week, but looks like a decent start the following three, while Marc Bulger has three nice matchups in the next four games (though he hasn’t shown much of anything this season).

Athlete Player Bio: Tony Romo

Tony RomoTony Romo is a quiet, normal guy, who just happens to be the face of the most spotlighted job in the NFL: The starting quarterback of “America’s Team”, the Dallas Cowboys.

Born in San Diego, California, Romo and his family moved to Wisconsin when he was just two years old. He grew up idolizing Green Bay Packers legend Brett Favre, and you can see the similarities on the field. Tony Romo also began his sports career in Wisconsin where in high school, he lettered in football, basketball, and golf. From there, he took his skills to the gridiron to play for Eastern Illinois. He played quite well at the small school and gained some recognition, winning the Walter Payton Award in 2002, which is given to the nation’s top Division I-AA player.

He went undrafted in 2003 and signed with the Cowboys as a rookie free agent. After having a solid training camp, he made the team as their third quarterback. He stayed a backup for three seasons before getting a chance to show his worth.

In 2006, Romo replaced then starting-quarterback Drew Bledsoe after halftime in the Cowboys’ Week 6 matchup against the Giants. The Cowboys never looked back. Romo would help lead the team to the playoffs, and earned himself a trip to Hawaii as a pro-bowl quarterback. The playoffs however, were something to forget. After playing well against the Seahawks, Romo saw his team down by one in the final minutes of the game. He led the Cowboys on an eight play, 70-yard-drive to set up for the potential game winning field goal. But he bobbled the snap, and was tackled short of the first down. It was said that he wouldn’t be able to come back from such a blunder and that it’ll affect his play for the rest of the career.

The season after the mistake truly defined what kind of a player and person Tony Romo really is, however.

With the bobble still fresh on everybody’s mind, Romo headed into the 2007 season with a huge chip on his shoulder. He responded by having a record-breaking season as the Cowboys starting quarterback. He set records for yardage (4,211), touchdown passes (36), passing completions (335), and 300-yard games (seven). The Cowboys also won 13 games that season, tying a club record. But the playoffs were unkind once again. The Cowboys lost to the underdog New York Giants at Texas Stadium, propelling everyone to once again ask if Romo can lead the Cowboys deep into the playoffs.

In his free time, Romo likes to play golf and has attempted to qualify for several US Open and Byron Nelson tournaments, but hasn’t been able to make the cut, falling just short each time. He’s also had quite a prolific list of girlfriends. He was dating country star Carrie Underwood, seen with actress Sophia Bush, and is currently dating pop star Jessica Simpson.

Romo has also lent a hand to charity as well. The Cowboys quarterback is often seen attending events held by The United Way, Salvation Army, The Make-A-Wish foundation, as well as fellow team-member organized fundraisers.

In October of 2007, Romo signed a seven-year contract with the Cowboys, leaving no doubt that he is their future.

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