Will Davis try to get out of paying Cable?

Michael Lombardi of The National Football Post reports that Al Davis is likely to fire head coach Tom Cable, but also speculates that the owner could fire Cable for “cause” to get out of paying him.

4. Raiders coach Tom Cable also might be heading into his final meeting this week, but besides being terminated, I wonder if we might get another overhead projector press conference from the Raiders announcing they’ve fired Cable for cause? If he does get fired, which I hear is likely, expect him to file a grievance to continue getting the rest of his money.

As he often does, Davis is walking down a dangerous path here. He fired Lane Kiffin for “cause” two years ago and if turns around and does the same thing with Cable, then what coach in their right mind would want to come to Oakland? You mean, I get to deal with the mess that is Al Davis and not get paid for it? Sign me up!

Cable may have some character flaws, but Davis can’t try to get out of paying a guy because of something that happened years before his employment. That would be a classless, stupid move by Davis and I’m sure a judge would rule in Cable’s favor anyway. So why go through with the move if you’re Davis? (Uh, besides the fact that he’s nuts and he does things without thinking of the consequences.)

If Davis keeps JaMarcus Russellbust but fires Cable, then that would be a mistake. If Daivs keeps Russellbust, fires Cable and then tries to get out of paying him, then that would just be boneheaded.

But then again, what else could we expect from Al Davis?

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Are the Raiders getting ready to fire Cable?

Yahoo’s Jason Cole reports that Raiders owner Al Davis wants to fire head coach Tom Cable by the end of the season, but is working with the NFL to make sure that Cable can be fired for cause.

If Davis had any wherewithal, he’d fire himself as GM and allow real football-minded people to run the team. But Davis won’t do that and now it appears that the Raiders will be making a head coaching change for the second time in two years.

Davis is going to have one hell of a time filling the position, because no respectable coach wants that job. He won’t be able to hire a Mike Shanahan or Bill Cowher because there’s no way either men would want to assume that mess. Davis can cross Mike Holmgren’s name off the list too.

What the Raiders need most is a head coach that can somehow get through to quarterback JaMarcus Russell because if he can’t develop, then the franchise will continue to sputter. Or maybe it’s time for Davis to cut his losses and move forward without Cable and Russell, because it appears that the latter is destined to be a massive bust.

No matter how he handles the situation, it’s almost a guarantee that Davis will muck things up. He has a knack for making horrible decisions and he thinks it’s more important to have a head coach under his thumb than one that will run his football team the right way. After all, Cable was hired after Kiffin was let go because he served as a “yes man” to Davis.

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