Tim Tebow and the Wildcat

Tim Tebow is a pretty mediocre quarterback, but he’s a hell of a football player. I thought Denver was nuts to draft him in the first round, as he wasn’t a good investment as a traditional drop back passer.

Even so, his competitiveness and athletic ability helped him lead the Broncos to some incredible victories.

That said, few teams wanted him after the Broncos jumped on the opportunity to get Peyton Manning. The Jets, however, decided to bring him on board and use him as a Wildcat quarterback, and this week they started installing these packages during training camp.

ESPN has naturally been taking some flack for their obsessive Tebow/Jets coverage, but it’s still a compelling story. Rex Ryan brought on Tony Sparano, and they’re going against conventional wisdom as they draw up plays for Tebow to run the offense near the goal line and in short yardage situations.

I love it, as Tebow has the skills to be an incredible Wildcat quarterback. He’ll give the Jets tremendous flexibility in these situations and opposing defenses will have much more to plan for each week.

Everyone seems concerned about Mark Sanchez’s psyche, but I think he’ll be able to handle this. Tebow is very difficult to stop in short yardage situations, and that will give the Jets a serious advantage.

I know I’m in the minority here. Even President Obama proclaimed this quarterback “controversy” to be a bad idea. But I think the Jets are planning on using Tebow exactly how he should be used.

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Why won’t Josh McDaniels utilize Tim Tebow?

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow stands on the sideline during the first quarter of their NFL football game against the Jacksonville Jaguars in Jacksonville, Florida September 12, 2010. REUTERS/Daron Dean (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT FOOTBALL)

There are only 16 games on a NFL schedule. Most seasons, a team has to win at least nine of those 16 games to make the playoffs and sometimes that’s not even enough.

Forty-five players can be active on Sundays. Of those 45 players, usually two are quarterbacks and a third is named the emergency signal caller in case of injury.

With this in mind, I wonder why Josh McDaniels has decided not to use rookie Tim Tebow in special packages – especially with running back Knowshon Moreno out with a hamstring injury.

I’m not a big Tebow fan. I think he’s a massive project and I have serious doubts that he’ll be a productive starting quarterback one day in the NFL. But that’s just my opinion. Obviously McDaniels and the scouts in Denver see something in him, which is why they traded multiple picks to move up in April’s draft to select him in the first round. One day, Tebow will be the starter in Denver, although it won’t be this year and chances are it won’t be in 2011 either.

So why not get Tebow involved now? He can obviously run, as he proved that at Florida. His passing mechanics are still a work in progress, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t line up in the Wildcat formation and throw the ball out of a run-pass option. McDaniels thinks it’s “ridiculous” to use Tebow in short yardage situations, but I would venture to say that it’s more ridiculous for a head coach not to use all of the weapons that are at his disposal.

What is McDaniels worried about? That his quarterback of the future could get hurt running the ball? Tebow is a runner at heart – he’s not going to stop running when he becomes a starter.

Is McDaniels worried that Tebow is going to make a mistake to cost the Broncos a game? All young players make mistakes – it’s inevitable.

I don’t get why a team like the Broncos that lacks offensive punch would leave a potential weapon like Tebow on the bench. I’m not suggesting he start over Kyle Orton – now that would be ridiculous. But seeing as how Laurence Maroney was stuffed at the goal line last week in a loss to the Colts, maybe it’s time for McDaniels to consider all of his options.

Good head coaches know how to utilize all of their talent. It’s one of the things that gives them an advantage on Sunday.

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