Video of former USC coach Tim Floyd breaking up a fight at a casino

Via the LA Times…

He almost got drilled in the back of his head with a chair and didn’t even know it!

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What’s really going on with Tim Floyd’s resignation

Tim Floyd resigned as head coach of the USC basketball program, and SoCal Sports Hub put together a good piece about the real reasons behind his “resignation.”

1. Floyd didn’t resign because he lacked enthusiasm

In his resignation letter, Tim Floyd wrote that he no longer had the level of enthusiasm necessary to remain in coaching. Sorry, but if you actually believe that, than you are about as naive as a third grade schoolgirl. Are we really suppose to believe that Floyd was all of a sudden dispassionate about his job just after he had been complaining about his players’ departures to the pros and saying he wanted to build his own traditions at USC? Ya, right.

The notion that Floyd, who was well-known for his sideline antics, has all of a sudden become an apathetic old man is absolutely ridiculous. This is the same coach that nearly took a rebuilding job at Arizona and had been begging his players to stay at USC in order to make a run at the Final Four. Now, a month later, it seems rather odd than he would be suddenly disinterested in building a basketball program.

Read the rest of the article here.

The program has been on the rise for a while now, but it’s unclear what kind of a tailspin Floyd’s departure will create. Half of his team is leaving to play pro ball, so with the NCAA watching closely, he was going to have a tough time reloading anyway.

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Report: Xavier’s Sean Miller rejects Arizona’s offer

The University of Arizona can’t catch a break. First, Tim Floyd turns them down and now Sean Miller has (reportedly) decided to stay in Cincinnati.

Xavier’s Miller met with Arizona athletic director Jim Livengood on Sunday about the Wildcats’ open head coaching job but rejected the school’s offer later that night, according to multiple media reports.

Xavier AD Mike Bobinski told’s Andy Katz that he expected to speak with Miller late Sunday or early Monday. He wrote in a text message: “Nothing firm at this moment, but I remain very optimistic that Sean Miller will continue as our head basketball coach at Xavier.”

Miller “has a potential Final Four team coming back next season, loves where he lives, has security and is paid well and has the best job in his league, yet has to decide whether or not this is the right job for him to explore,” Calipari said earlier Sunday.

So who’s next for Arizona? I’m sure the Wildcats would like an established guy in his 40’s (or early 50’s) who could guide the program for the next 10-15 years, but those coaches are hard to come by. Tim Floyd (55) elected to stay with USC, and now Miller (40) has as well.

Monday afternoon update: Sean Miller has accepted the Arizona job.

Tim Floyd turns down Arizona job

So much for those reports that had Tim Floyd packing his bags for Arizona. He has decided to stay at USC.

Floyd announced his decision in a meeting with reporters in Los Angeles Thursday afternoon. Floyd said he not only visited Arizona but also spoke to Memphis about its opening.

“I felt that I needed to look at those two programs,” Floyd told reporters on Thursday. “I am at a point where I want to do something really special and I feel like I needed to go look at an elite program.

“But there is something really special about building your own traditions, your own histories and doing it with a group of guys that you love. … I have never been more excited to be a Trojan.”

Floyd said his contract at USC remains unchanged.

“I have three years left on my contract,” he said. “No, there have not been any changes made that I am aware of. I would like another year or two. I think that would be great. I would like for this to be my last job.”

Floyd has done a nice job at USC, which is why Arizona wanted him in the first place. He has guided the Trojans to three straight NCAA appearances and three straight 20+ win seasons. The next step for the program is to crack the Elite Eight or Final Four.

So which direction does Arizona go now that Floyd has publicly turned down the job?

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