Amare Stoudemire to stay put?

It would appear so, according to CBS columnist Ken Berger.

Suns are “going to hold” on Stoudemire, source says. STAT stays in PHX.

Argh! Stoudemire has been on the block for over a year now and he still doesn’t get traded? If there’s such a thing as NBA blue balls, this Stoudemire trade has to be it.

I blame Steve Kerr.

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Stoudemire ‘would love to stay’ in Phoenix

The Arizona Republic reports that the Suns are going to speak with Amare Stoudemire’s camp about an extension.

Suns General Manager Steve Kerr and Managing Partner Robert Sarver will meet with Stoudemire’s agent, Happy Walters, this week for their first formal discussion. Walters declined comment.

“We’ll definitely talk about it,” Kerr said of an extension. “We have a lot to consider.

“Amar’e has been great all year. We’re thrilled with the way he’s played and the effort he’s put forth, returning from the injury to his eye.”

“It’s always about what’s the best situation for the Suns organization and myself,” Stoudemire said. “Wherever there is an equilibrium or common denominator, we can settle on that. Winning is the most important thing to me. Being a contender. If we can do it here, then I would love to stay.”

Stoudemire says that winning “is the most important thing,” but he also thinks that he’s a max contract player, so one wonders if he’d sign an extension with the Suns if Kerr offered him a deal for less than the max. Chris Bosh is more coveted because he’s a better defender. Stoudemire is a superior offensive player and is a nice fit with a team that pushes the ball and doesn’t stress shutdown defense. The Knicks immediately spring to mind.

While the Suns are 24-17, they started the season 14-3, so they have lost 14 of their last 24 games. If that trend continues, the Stoudemire trade talk will heat up.

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Shawn Marion (a.k.a. “The Matrix”) chats with The Scores Report


Shawn Marion is a four-time All-Star and a two-time All-NBA performer. He is one of the league’s most athletic and versatile players, which is why TNT’s Kenny Smith nicknamed him “The Matrix” early in his rookie season. As a testament to his versatility, he has led the league in steals twice and has finished in the top 10 in rebounding six times.

The peak of Marion’s career came in Phoenix, as he thrived in Mike D’Antoni’s up-tempo system. But Marion was an All-Star before D’Antoni took over in Phoenix. The guy can flat out play.

After spending last season in Miami and Toronto, Marion is now with the Dallas Mavericks, joining Jason Kidd, Josh Howard and Dirk Nowitzki for what owner Mark Cuban hopes will be a title run. Marion sat down with The Scores Report to talk about his new team, his prowess on the offensive glass, and why the Suns traded him away.

TSR: Thanks for chatting with The Scores Report, Shawn. We just spoke with your former teammate, Dwyane Wade, a couple of weeks ago. He seems like a really nice guy.

SM: Yeah, he’s my man.

TSR: I’d first like to ask you about joining the Dallas Mavericks. How do you think you’ll fit in?

SM: I think I’ll fit in very well.

TSR: What made you pick the Mavs?

SM: J-Kidd and Dirk tried to get me down there for like over a year now. But I wasn’t able to go directly to them, so they had to make some maneuvers and work out a sign and trade. That’s what it was.

TSR: How do you think the team will change now that you’re a Mav? Dallas was in the middle of the pack in terms of pace last season – do you see the team pushing the ball more to best utilize your skills?

SM: I think we’ll do a little bit of everything. I’m just going to come in and try to help the team in every aspect of the game, and that’s it really. That sums it up.

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Nash signs extension

Two-time MVP Steve Nash has agreed to a two-year extension with the Phoenix Suns.

After receiving an improved offer last week and taking a few more days to deliberate, two-time NBA Most Valuable Player Steve Nash notified the Phoenix Suns over the weekend that he is accepting their two-year extension offer worth an estimated $22 million, according to team sources.

The Suns offered Nash a two-year, $20 million extension two weeks ago in addition to the $13.1 million he’s owed next season, then bumped it higher in a meeting in Las Vegas last Wednesday attended by Suns owner Robert Sarver, president of basketball operations Steve Kerr and Nash’s agent Bill Duffy.

When the Suns traded away Shaquille O’Neal, it seemed to indicate that the franchise was ready to start the rebuilding process. But with this extension, GM Steve Kerr appears to be building around Nash and, for the time being at least, Amare Stoudemire. I’m not sure what Kerr’s long-term plan is, and I’m not confident that even he knows.

What’s up with that Amare Stoudemire-to-Golden State trade?

The short answer is “I don’t know.”

Not enough? I don’t blame you. I wrote the following during my running diary on draft day:

There’s a rumor that the Warriors might send Andris Biedrins, Marco Belinelli, Brandan Wright and the #7 pick to Phoenix for Amare Stoudemire. That seems like an awful lot to give up given the trades we’ve seen go down in recent days. But Stoudemire is a borderline franchise player, so a good center (Biedrins) and three prospects (Belinelli, Wright and the #7 pick) doesn’t seem crazy.

The Warriors drafted Stephen Curry when he fell to #7. At that point, it wasn’t clear whether or not he’d be headed to Phoenix as part of this trade. Paul Coro of reported that he “likely” was headed to the Suns.

Golden State’s selection of Davidson point guard Stephen Curry at No. 7 was likely made for the Suns as part of an Amaré Stoudemire trade that can’t be completed until Wednesday. That is because Phoenix would be acquiring Warriors center Andris Biedrins, a base-year compensation player, as part of a Stoudemire deal that would include more Warriors players, possibly power forward Brandan Wright and/or shooting guard Marco Belinelli.

The Suns were hoping they could land Curry or Arizona power forward Jordan Hill with the Warriors’ seventh pick but had their choice after Minnesota took neither with its fifth and sixth picks.

The next day, Coro reported that the deal was all but done, but hinged on whether or not Curry was included…

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