Dortmund, Liverpool lead 25/1 in the Europe League

This week we are witnessing some great games thanks to Dortmund, Liverpool in the Europe League. We will be able to enjoy the game Liverpool v United and Dortmund v Spurs among the action, thanks to the return of the Europe League on TV on on Thursday night and two of England’s most teams will battle and try to do their very best in Europe’s second major club competition.

In previous years, the Europe League has had its fair share of criticism but the added incentive of guaranteed Champions League football for the winner has helped to transform the tournament from a not so much followed competition into an opportunity for betting odds.

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Best Soccer Games & Apps to Play On-the-Go

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If you are a soccer fan, you are likely already heavily tuned into your favorite team’s games. However, due to time differences, busy schedules, and sometimes a lack of broadcasting, it can be difficult to see every game live and stay on top of the latest scores and news.

As a gift to all soccer games enthusiasts, we are writing up 10 popular and useful soccer applications. This way, you can now enjoy your games on the go, play for fun, and keep up with stats. Whether you have an iPhone, Android, Samsung, or iPad, you should be able to get these apps and games on your mobile device easily. Take a look at our top 10 list and never miss another goal!

1. Sky Sports Live Football Score Center: This application sets Jeff Stelling and his gang right on your pocket, with the by-the minute action from each of the games on Serie A, Premier League, and the Evo-Stick League.

2. Sun+Goals –free (Needs Subscription): This ESPN application proved to become popular this last season. The speedy access is often achievable on clips of goals at exactly no cost. A subscription of this app is needed with its interesting and fascinating content idea with Alan Shearer and Stan Collymore in Spain.

3. FourFourTwo Stats Zone: This mainly offers the entire analysis of the Premier League games, from the possession of work rates and passes maps to even the basic shot of the players. It has a pool of meaningful information that further adds fantastic insights on soccer teams, pub trivia and sports betting.

4. Football Manager Handheld 2013: This portable port and personal computer game has accumulated thousands to millions of hours from the youth. It retains the many compulsive enjoyment to users plus the smooth learning curve and breadth of teams.

5. New Star Soccer: This is the excellent footy stimulator that enables you to command the career of a player who has to fight the clashing interests of playing the modernized game of sponsor commitments, high-maintenance girlfriends and gambling.

6. Sky Go (requires a Sky subscription): This is the essential application for any iPhone user or Sky Sports subscriber on iOS that lets you subscribe the game live. The urge of tweeting the # winning is even possible.

7. Score! Classic Goals (for free): The previous tournaments are spotted, from Dennis Bergkamp’s successful volley to Michael Owen’s mazy goal. Also, this has its better rating system and requires unlocking the next set.

8. TeamStream (for free): This information and news service from the United States sporting giant, called “The Bleacher Report”, enables you select the most-liked teams. Then, tweeting or scraping stories are possible over the internet.

9. BBC Sport (for free): This is an official sports application that places all of the recent soccer news. The captivating soap opera is greatly followed with the live commentaries from the renowned journalists of BBC. Once you feel like you’ve covered all the news, latest rumors, and most recent stats, you may want to move over to the mobile games at NordicBet and have your hand at some fun betting.

10. MatchPint (for free): This application enables you to find the games on television and tells you which of the pubs are shown. This has its multitude of users and a simple interface that serves as an excellent-scorer in your eyes.

Are you using any of these apps or games now? Which are you favorite and why?

Football programme and tickets in the UK

Just watch those top Manchester United goals and you’ll definitely want to check out a game live. If you’re heading to the UK and want to catch a soccer (aka football) match, a comparison of the prices of tickets and programmes from the 2012/13 football league is bound to leave some fans feeling elated whilst others must be stunned to realize how much they’re paying relevant to other fans.

Three London based clubs topped the most expensive season-ticket list with Arsenal (£985-£1,955), Tottenham (£730-£1,855) and Chelsea (£595-£1,250) being the only three clubs to dare to have charged four figures. However, despite fans thinking they should be much less; lengthy waiting list suggests that the ethos of demand and supply is very much in these football clubs’ favors.

Surprisingly, perhaps, the season tickets of the most recent winners of the Premiership, Manchester United (£532-£950), seems real value for money in comparison to the big London clubs, while prices of 2011/12 Champions Manchester City (£275-£695) seem a positive bargain.

The supporters of Stoke (£344-£609), Swansea (£429-£499) and West Bromwich Albion (£349-£449) showed an understanding of paying a relative sum of money for season tickets, one that fitted their niche mentality of playing their trade from mid-table, perfectly.

Fans of two of last year’s relegated teams, Queens Park Rangers (£499-£949) and Reading (£350-£949), are probably thinking that they paid too much money for what they had been promised would be a quality product, but inevitably failed to do the job. Meanwhile, fans of the other relegated team, Wigan (£255-£310) are probably wishing they had paid a little more for a quality product – just proving that the failure to get the right product for the job can be detrimental to the long-term goals of any business.

The most popular price for a programme was three pound, although Fulham, Norwich, Stoke, Tottenham and West Ham all charged an extra fifty pence for some reason.

That’s why, when it comes to printing costs of such items as programmes, tickets and leaflets Instant Print understands that businesses need a variety of high-quality and value-for-money products to choose from, ones that keep you in whichever part of the league you’re aiming at.

Epic goalkeeper fail [video]

Hat tip to The Last Angry Fan for finding this video.

Here’s your weekly “soccer goalie fail,” courtesy of goalkeeper Sammy Bossut of Zulte Waregrem of the Liga Belga, the top soccer league in Belgium.

Sammy attempts to clear the ball when he inexplicably hangs onto it, before losing control of it, allowing the ball to roll behind him—right into the waiting feet of Lokeren’s Benjamin De Ceulaer, who scores the second goal of the game.

I wouldn’t say Bossut ‘inexplicably’ held onto the ball. He did so because the Lokeren player crossed in front of him just as he was about to throw it. That’s why he was looking around in confusion after the play.

Can someone better versed in the rules of soccer/futbol explain whether or not this should have been a foul. I don’t think you’re supposed to interfere with the keeper when he has the ball.

Still, it’s pretty funny.

Confused soccer reporter [video]

This is a pretty funny clip…

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