NFL fines Shaun Ellis $10 G’s for snowball throw – blasphemy!

The “No Fun League” struck again, this time fining Jets’ defensive lineman Shaun Ellis $10,000 for heaving a snowball at Seahawk fans Sunday in Seattle.

Several fans threw snowballs at New York players and staff as they walked off the field after the Seahawks’ 13-3 victory. Ellis then walked over to a pile of snow, picked up a large chunk and tossed it into the stands at Qwest Field, appearing to hit at least a few fans. No one was believed to have been injured.

Ellis said Tuesday: “It was all in fun.”

It’s the latest troublesome incident involving Ellis, who was arrested for speeding and marijuana possession last month and could face a suspension next season under the league’s substance-abuse policy.

That’s freaking ridiculous. If the players are getting pelted with snowballs walking off the field, then I think it’s fair that the players can take action.

I mean come on – this was hilarious!

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Note to self – don’t throw snowballs at Shaun Ellis

Watch what Shaun Ellis does after Seahawk fans pelted Jets players with snowballs while walking off the field in Seattle on Sunday:

That was awesome. The fact that he found a snowball that big and actually heaved it at someone might have been the play of the year.

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