Reggie Williams tasered, arrested on felony gun charge

Reggie Williams isn’t smart.

Former Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Reggie Williams was arrested Sunday night on a felony drug charge in Houston, has learned.

Williams — a 2004 first-round draft choice who played the past five seasons in Jacksonville — was charged with possession of a controlled substance that police believe is cocaine following an altercation at a Houston nightclub.

Police spokesman Victor Senties said Williams was tasered during a confrontation with two off-duty officers working security at the Open City Bar and Lounge.

“Mr. Williams was at the front door area causing some sort of altercation,” Senties said. “A witness alerted one of the officers to it. The officer went over and asked Mr. Williams several times to leave. He refused. At one point, the officer attempted to escort him out of club. Mr. Williams pushed the officer and almost knocked him down. At that point, the other officer came over to try and assist. Again, Mr. Williams was very combative. One (officer) had to deploy a (taser) to get into custody.”

Senties said the drug charges stem from a “little baggy” that was in Williams’ possession when he was being booked into jail.

What unbelievable timing this asshat has. He became a free agent at the end of the 2008 season and instead of trying to resurrect his career in another city, he gets busted for DWI and possession of .97 grams of marijuana in February, and then arrested and tasered on a felony gun charge in April.

Wow, momma Williams must be so proud.

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