Patriots prove there’s still a gap between AFC and NFC in dismantling of Bears

CHICAGO - DECEMBER 12: The wind swirls snow as Tom Brady  of the New England Patriots calls the signals against the Chicago Bearsat Soldier Field on December 12, 2010 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Here are a six-pack of observations from the Patriots massive 36-7 beatdown of the Bears on Sunday.

1. The gap between the AFC and NFC is still wide.
This was only one game on one Sunday between two teams in the NFL. And the NFC still holds the most recent edge over the AFC in the only game that matters. But the Patriots’ victory over the Bears on Sunday still proves that there’s a wide gap between the two conferences. It’s doubtful that anyone was surprised the Patriots beat the Bears, who many believe are highly overrated. But let’s look at the facts. The Bears were one of the hottest teams coming into this game. They were at home. They had just witnessed the Packers lose to the Lions and they had an opportunity to take a two-game lead in the NFC North. They were home underdogs, which is a role they absolutely love. This should have been a much closer game and it wasn’t. It was a massacre – a true murder by numbers. The Pats outgained the Bears 27 to 12 in first downs and 475 to 185 in total yardage. They also forced four turnovers as Tom Brady threw for a season-high 369 yards and two touchdowns. Again, the Bears are only one NFC team and maybe if the Falcons played the Patriots next Sunday, the outcome would be different. But it’s hard to refute after watching this game that there isn’t a talent gap between the top teams in the AFC and the top teams in the NFC.

2. Maybe the Bears aren’t who we thought the were.
Are the Bears for real? I don’t know. They had a game they’d like to forget but overrated? You know people are going to throw out that term but I’d counter with: What did you expect? If you thought the Bears were overrated coming into this game then you’re not surprised that New England won. If you want overrated, try the New York Jets. That’s overrated. I don’t think a team that beat a red-hot Philadelphia team a couple of weeks ago is overrated. I just think the Patriots are that much better. You had two hot teams face each other and one flexed its dominance while the other one absolutely sh*t themselves. I still happen to think that this Bears team can do some good things. I still think they can win a playoff game at home. Are they legit Super Bowl contenders? Maybe not. But I also don’t think after one embarrassing loss you can vehemently answer “no” to the previous question.

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