Patrick Willis + Playboy Party = Love? fills us in on 49er linebacker Patrick Willis’s new hobby, which is blogging for

Patrick WillisOne such blogger is 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis. In his latest entry, Willis describes Playboy’s New Year’s Eve party at Hugh Hefner’s mansion. After telling us something we already knew, that Bill Maher and Jon Lovitz were at the party bottom-feeding jacuzzi algae, Willis got down to some details about his party hookup.

You know how my Aston Martin is my “wow” car. Well, I did meet one girl in particular that was “wow!” I think she’s appeared in Playboy, and she was real pretty, a mix between Carmen Electra and Pamela Anderson. So we’ll call her “Carm-ela,” lol! She walked by me and I went, Oh, my god! It was a little intimidating speaking to her at first. You know, I’m kind of reserved off the field. But when we got to talking, she admitted that she told her girlfriends, “Who’s that sexy guy in the tuxedo?” So I’m like “Wow!” I was tooting my horn after she said that. I didn’t need to look no further. When we were dancing a little, she admitted she was shy, too. But I threw it down a little bit like James Brown on the dance floor.

She had the total package and not too many girls get me interested like that right away. We were chatting quite a bit but I don’t like to ask too many personal questions upfront, because sometimes you find out more than what you wanted to. Sometimes, it’s better to go along with the flow, uncovering her character. We talked about music, what she was into, what she liked to do. For me, it’s about getting to know someone for them, not for their accomplishments or what they’ve done or who they know and stuff. I got her number and so far, staying in touch, she seems to be cool. I’m a single guy and if this continues to go and it works into the equation, I might not be single no more, lol!

We’ll have to see.

Well I’ll be! I had no idea “shy” was posing in a porn mag, approaching random men at parties at the Playboy Mansion and then telling them they’re hot.

What a shrinking violet. Sounds like Pat’s got a real winner!

Of course, he still has to wait to “uncover her character”. (Among other things.)

What a great way to end the week, reading about a NFL linebacker who gets invited to the Playboy Mansion on NYE. And then he picks off a random hottie easier than a Dan Orlovsky screen pass.

Willis: So, uh, I hope I’m not being too personal here but…have you had many partners?

Playboy hottie: Well let’s just say I’ve had more partners than you had tackles your rookie year, Patrick.

Willis: Peace.

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