NFL fines for uniform infractions, by Chris Cooley

The NFL is cracking down on uniform infractions, and Chris Cooley provides an overview on his blog.

Just for fun I figured I would list some of the fines mentioned in our meeting and different amounts.
$5000 fines
– High/Low whites on socks
– Pants not covering knees (no skin should show below the waist)
– Bandana
– Wrong nasal strip
– Hand towel alterations – towel must be 7 to 8 inches and have no tape on it
– Tape not the same color of the shoe.
– Jersey untucked (usually there is a warning for this one)
– Jersey cut too short
– Sleeves coming out of jersey – only QB can have this and only a certain amount can come out
– Chinstrap undone ($7500)

$10,000 fines
– Personal messages
– Any second offense fine
– Wrong attire 90 minutes previous and after a game – clothes must be Reebok apparel
– Tinted visor – must have a doctors note for a tinted visor

The entire post is an interesting read. Cooley is a character.

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