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The Biggest and Best Facts about the Super Bowl 50

We are just a few days away from the most important US sports event – the National Football League (NFL) final – more commonly known as the Super Bowl. The match will take place next Sunday, on February 7th, at the Levi‘s Stadium in Santa Clara, California where Carolina Panthers will face Denver Broncos. Let‘s take a look at some of the most interesting Super Bowl facts and figures.

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Should You Rely On Computer Handicapping?

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Placing bets in multiple sports games at the same time requires more than manual handicapping techniques. Computer handicapping presents a viable solution, as the automated system can create statistics and calculations quickly. Even when compared with the methodology of a professional, calculations made by software is far more consistent. This is because there is always a tendency for “human error.”

And when correctly utilized, the software can place the odds in your favor by painting a canvas of the possible winner of a future race. As for judging factors, you always have the option of generating ratings from the computer and making modifications based on unaccounted for variables.
Computer handicapping can be used in different sports including:

1. Baseball

The right baseball handicapping program can go a long way in generating a positive ROI (in some cases for the entire season). It will also give you a competitive advantage over a square handicapper, but most of the results depend on the accuracy of the data. Regardless of whether the data is downloaded from an online site or entered manually, it needs to be spot on because the software itself will be worthless if the facts are incorrect.

Moreover, a good program will make modifications from what it has learned from the previous seasons. This is done through propriety technology used in software that features a learning module (AI or Artificial Intelligence). It is just like Siri on iPhone, the voice assistant that makes suggestions after learning about the behavior of the user.

2. Horse Racing

A horse racing handicapping software becomes imperative if you are planning on betting multiple races at once. This is because there are far too many jockeys, tracks and races, so it becomes impossible to rely on a manual handicapping technique. Good software will be easy to use and you don’t have to configure the models, dimension sets and factors for each new race.

This is because the systems are based on learning by doing, so most of the data is saved under user names and the same variables are taken into account for future races. Some offerings also give an option to automate models based on recent data and place bet parameters to draw a line between the safest and the best bets.

3. NFL

NFL handicapping programs can be used for over/under wagering as well as direct bets. Some of them can also make graphs and pie charts for each team, showcasing the number of points earned and the yards gained by different players. Those graphics are then converted into a spreadsheet to advise you over wagering and direct betting in football.

The technology generates automated scoring of over/under results as well as wins. You can also find options to make a ledger, to compare success in a particular game, week, month or year to the previous game, week, month or year.

So computer handicapping technology does have a role to play and, combined with the manual input of missing factors, it can increase the chances of monetary success.

Pete Prisco discusses the week 1 NFL lInes

I was pretty surprised to see NFL insider Pete Prisco discussing the spreads for the NFL games this weekend. He usually sticks with purely football analysis, but here he gets into the lines as well.

Like most people, he thinks the spread on the Denver-Baltimore game is pretty high. The Broncos were favored by 9 or 9.5, but now the line has come down in many places to 7.5, which makes a little more sense.

Super Bowl line moves towards the Ravens

On many boards, the opening line for the Super Bowl had the San Francisco 49ers as a 5-point favorite over the Baltimore Ravens. Now we’re seeing that line tighten a bit with the 49ers as a 4-point favorite.

These teams look pretty evenly matched. The only difference seems to be the Kaepernick factor. He’s not your typical “running” quarterback as he has a gun for an arm, and against Atlanta he showed incredible touch with his passes as well. Of course he can also kill you with his feet, and it can be even worse if you’re stuck with Green Bay’s defense.

But, he’s still a young quarterback. Frankly I won’t be surprised by anything in this game.

On the other side we have Joe Flacco, who seems to have matured a bit, focusing on his team as opposed to how sportswriters feel about him.

We have two strong-armed quarterbacks, some very talented receivers and two excellent running backs. Both defenses are also strong. It should be a good game, but if I had to place some money here, I think I would take the points.

Betting the game is really more about fun. If you’re serious about odds and bets, you’ll be patient and regularly visit sites like bwin to closely study the odds in each sport. So in this evenly matched up contest, really think about it and study it, and then be honest as to whether you’re betting for fun or whether you have a real line on the game.

NFL Morning Lines

Will this be the last NFL game for Ray Lewis, or with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady get to another Super Bowl. The guys in Vegas have New England at more than a touchdown favorite, but the line has been moving in Baltimore’s direction.

The other hot pick seems to be San Francisco, as they are now a 3.5 to 4 point favorite on the road against Atlanta, as everyone seems to be jumping on the Colin Kaepernick bandwagon. It’s safe to say that quite a bit of money will be wagered today testing that premise.

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