NBA Rumors: Monta, T-Mac, LaMarcus and more

Monta Ellis is still unhappy with the Warriors. Jonathan Abrams (via Twitter): “Monta Ellis may ask out of the #Warriors too soon, via some1 in his camp. Still bitterness on both sides from the mo-ped fiasco.” I don’t know why Ellis is angry at anyone but himself when it comes to his moped accident. The team invests a ton of money in a guy and he’s out riding around on a moped. Unbelievable.

T-Mac doesn’t have anything to prove to anyone…but himself. Tracy McGrady: “I don’t have to prove to nobody that I still got it.” If NBA contracts weren’t guaranteed, McGrady would have been cut long ago. Even though he’s just 30 years old, T-Mac has missed 109 games over the last four seasons, or 33% of the Rockets’ games. He’s in a contract year, so he’s highly motivated to prove that he’s healthy and ready to contribute. With Yao Ming out for the season, T-Mac’s return may be the most compelling story coming out of Houston.

LaMarcus Aldridge isn’t happy about the lack of a long-term deal. This is a little perplexing. Unless Aldridge’s camp thinks that he’s a max player, I don’t see why it would be difficult to come to a number. I pegged his value at $13-$14 million per season and that seems reasonable for a guy with his skill set.

Stephen Jackson doesn’t think the Warriors are getting better. Jackson: “It feels like we’re not getting better.” Jackson said in late August that he was “looking to leave” the Warriors, and Don Nelson said that the team would move him if the right deal came along.

Andre Miller doesn’t seem too happy in Portland.
It might be the fact that Steve Blake is still the Blazers’ starting point guard, or it might be the tedious media events he was required to attend, but this is a situation to watch.

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Monta Ellis injury occurred on a moped

He tried to tell the Golden State Warriors that he was hurt playing basketball, but the injuries Monta Ellis weren’t consistent with that story. It turns out Ellis was injured in a low-speed moped accident.

The team has not decided how to punish Ellis for violating the terms of his new six-year, $66 million deal by participating in a banned activity and trying to cover it up.

Since riding a moped is prohibited under the uniform player contract, the Warriors could move to terminate Ellis’ deal, though such a move seems highly unlikely.

A possible punishment for Ellis is a heavy fine or suspension. It’s also possible the Warriors will let Ellis off the hook completely, chalking the incident up to the youngster’s maturation process.

The question seems to be what steps the Warriors will take to punish Ellis for violating the terms of his contract, but what I really want to know is why Ellis was riding a moped in the first place? What’s the upside?

Monta Ellis reportedly lied about his ankle injury

We already knew that the Warriors were suspicious about how Monta Ellis sustained an ankle injury that is going to force him to miss at least three months, but a team source told the Contra Costa Times that Ellis has admitted that he lied about the cause of the injury.

Ellis, who will be out at least three months with a high ankle sprain and torn deltoid ligament in his ankle, first told the Warriors he was injured playing pickup basketball in his hometown of Jackson, Miss., after having signed a six-year, $66 million contract extension in July.

Ellis could face a fine and possible suspension if he was participating in an activity banned in the deal.

The Contra Costa Times reported the team now knew Ellis’ injury happened “outdoors and not while playing basketball,” though the source didn’t say what Ellis told the Warriors he was doing when he was hurt.

It seems like both Ellis and the Warriors want to move past this, but I’m interested to find out just exactly how he tore his deltoid ligament.

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