Suspension coming for A-Rod?

According to USA Today, baseball commissioner Bud Selig hasn’t ruled out suspending Yankees’ third basemen Alex Rodriguez after he admitted to using steroids from 2001 to 2003.

Alex RodriguezSelig and Major League Baseball officials realize any attempt to suspend Rodriguez would be challenged by the players union since the penalty phase of the testing policy was not implemented until 2004. Yet Selig said he sent a memo banning steroids around 1997 and that it was illegal to possess them without a prescription.

“It was against the law, so I would have to think about that,” Selig told USA TODAY’s Christine Brennan in his first comments since Rodriguez’s admission. “It’s very hard. I’ve got to think about all that kind of stuff.”

Rodriguez would be the first to serve a suspension without testing positive during the penalty years.

“I don’t want to create any false hope,” he said, “but I am saddened. This is breaking my heart, I don’t mind telling you that.”

Sorry, Bud, but you can’t start punishing players now for rules you never had in place to begin with. If you didn’t want to enforce a steroid policy at the time A-Rod took performance-enhancers, then you can’t turn around six years later and punish him.

This is just another situation that shows Selig’s utter incompetence. And it’s a joke to hear that Selig is “saddened” by all of this. Please. You’re telling me Selig didn’t know all of this was going on? He’s turned a blind eye to all the steroid talk and allowed the union to get away with whatever it wanted because the dollars were pouring in again after the ’93 strike. Selig’s reaction to all of this is laughable.

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