Blogging the Bloggers: D-Wade’s prank, Stephen A. Smith’s podcast and more

SPORTSbyBROOKS has the video from Dwyane Wade’s late night appearance where he plays a prank on an unsuspecting fan.

DEADSPIN has the story of the giant douche bag who tied up his girlfriend’s kids in the garage so he could hit the bar to watch the game.

HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS was name-checked in John Gonzalez’s column about the Raul Ibanez steroid speculation, and the blog chimes in with its take. For Anthony Stalter’s measured take, click here.

– If you’re wondering what happened to Stephen A. Smith, he is doing a podcast on his website and AWFUL ANNOUNCING has it in YouTube form. He is in classic SAS form as he discusses Brett Favre.

NO GUTS NO GLORY has quotes from Alonzo Mourning where he says that Phil Jackson isn’t really the coach of the 2009 Los Angeles Lakers.

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Blogging the Bloggers: Thursday

DEADSPIN discusses a recent Rolling Stone article about a twentysomething female teacher (right) who had an affair with a 15 year-old wrestler/football player. There’s a double standard when it comes to female (versus male) teachers that have an affair with a student. Men are typically thrown in jail while women usually get a much lighter sentence. The article is a good read.

LA BALL TALK is not pleased with the decision of Kobe Bryant’s website, KB24, to move to a subscription-based format. Kobe apparently wants each of his diehard fans to pony up $50 to be a member.

NESW SPORTS has a funny video of Gary Payton (at the height of his stardom in Seattle) doing an interview about a new company he was starting, Gary Payton Wireless. That’s right — GP wanted to start a wireless phone company.

MIDWEST SPORTS FANS has the story of the mayor of Pittsburgh changing his last name — legally — from “Ravenstahl” to “Steelerstahl.” Seriously.

SPORTSbyBROOKS says that there’s a high school cheerleader in Florida who has sent out more than 35,000 text messages in a single month…twice. That’s 72 messages per hour, once sleep is factored in. Wowsers.

– Should Fox replace Joe Buck? One writer thinks so, and DEADSPIN comments. I have just two words to say about this — Gus Johnson.

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