Crazy Sports Fans

Men’s Fitness pays tribute to the craziest sports fans out there.

Here are my two favorite pictures:

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Blogging the Bloggers: T.O., Brett Favre to the Vikings and more

JUST JARED has pictures of Tony Romo’s girlfriend at a concert this weekend. She’s looking a little…um…heavyset, no?

WFAA SPORTS BLOG informs us that Terrell Owens is getting his own VH-1 reality show. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry…

VIKING VIGIL wonders about the possibility of Brett Favre playing for the Vikings.

SPORTSBYBROOKS shares the story of the Carolina Panthers’ decision to charge season ticket holders that didn’t buy playoff tickets. Given the performance of Jake Delhomme and Co. in the 33-13 drubbing they took from the Cardinals, the Panthers should be apologizing.

MEN’S FITNESS has the exclusive first look at the NBA All-Star Game jerseys.

Golf tips from hottie Natalie Gulbis

Golf game in need of improvement? Oh don’t lie, yes it does. Men’s recently asked LPGA pro Natalie Gulbis to share some pointers for when you’re out on the links.

“The proper driver position is right off your left foot,” says Gulbis. “That’ll help you hit it a little more solidly.” Don’t grip too hard, and keep your lower body still while your upper body rotates through the ball. To hit your shot from right to left, move the ball back in your stance, closer to your right foot, and swing inside out. To hit it left to right, move it up in your stance, and swing from the outside in.

Playing a bunker the right way can shave strokes off your score. Have the ball in the middle of your slightly open stance with a slightly open club head. Don’t be fancy, just get the ball out of the bunker. “The key is to make sure you take your shot two inches behind the ball,” says Gulbis. “The sand will help carry the ball out and spin it a little better.”

You can putt a million different ways, but the key is to repeat your stroke. “If you cut across it, if you hit it hard, if you hit it soft, whatever it is, just be able to work from there,” says Gulbis. Get used to hitting the ball the same way every time. “Draw a line on your golf ball and line it up with your target,” she says. “Then, you can just roll it along that line.”

Golf can be one of the most frustrating hobbies in the world, if you let it get to you. “You’ve got to get in a positive frame of mind, or else you’re going straight downhill.”

And if these pointers don’t help – drink more.

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