Mark Richt is officially on the hot seat

University of Georgia head coach Mark Richt walks off the field following a time out during the fourth quarter of their Southeastern Conference NCAA football game against the University of Florida in Jacksonville, Florida October 31, 2009. REUTERS/Daron Dean (UNITED STATES SPORT FOOTBALL)

It’s official, folks, Mark Richt is on the hot seat. An 0-2 start in Georgia (for the first time since 1996) isn’t what the fanbase wants, especially after a losing season a year ago. And no, it doesn’t matter that the Bulldogs opened with two teams that could realistically end the season in the top 10.

Richt is in 11th season as the Bulldogs head coach, and the team is certainly headed in the wrong direction record wise. Since the 11-2 season in 2007, the Bulldogs have gone 10-3, 8-5 and 6-7. That’s not the kind of progression you want to see in a major program this late into a coach’s tenure. And unfortunately for Richt, he doesn’t have a national title or legendary status to fall back on like a Joe Paterno.

The schedule gets easier for the Bulldogs, even in the SEC. They’re fortunate to be in the East, and they just played the divisional favorite down to the wire. It’s not out of the question for Georgia to still find a way to get to nine or 10 wins. I’m serious. They’re young and talented at some key positions, and should only get better as the season goes on.

If they do that, Richt should stay to see what he can do with a junior version of Aaron Murray and a sophomore Isaiah Crowell.

But if they don’t, and end up with a seven-, or six-win season, That young talent won’t be Richt’s to deal with anymore.

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University of Georgia’s awful freshman orientation video

Good find by Deadspin. (It must be nice to have an army of readers sending you a boatload of tips every day.)

I’m almost loathe to hate on the orientation leaders performing in this abortion of a video, because I guarantee that they had no choice. This is clearly a 50-year-old woman’s idea of what 18-year-old kids find cool, and how to relate to them. Those poor redshirts, all they get in exchange for their dignity is summer housing and a tuition reimbursement.

But everything about this video is amazing. The production values (check the disappearing effect at 1:45), the sound quality (I’m not certain, but I think they may have recorded the vocals underwater), and Mark Richt!

It’s so bad, it’s good. I’d give them credit if I thought this was done on purpose, but I don’t think it was.

Nothing to worry about? NCAA investigating Georgia over A.J. Green.

ATHENS, GA - OCTOBER 03: A.J. Green #8 of the Georgia Bulldogs pulls in a touchdown reception against Chris Hawkins #29 of the Louisiana State University Tigers at Sanford Stadium on October 3, 2009 in Athens, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) reports that the NCAA will conduct an inquiry at Georgia over whether or not star receiver A.J. Green was sharing a chips and salsa bowl with Alabama defensive lineman Marcel Dareus at an agent’s party in South Beach earlier this summer.

But chances are, its not going to find anything.

Green says he wasn’t at the party. In fact, he says he’s never even been to Miami and given his outstanding character, it isn’t hard to believe him.

But when probed on the subject at the SEC Media Day on Wednesday, UGA head coach Mark Richt took a more wait-and-see approach.

“I don’t know if it is [bad news] or not, quite frankly,” Richt said. “By the way you posed the question, you’re saying it’s never good news [when the NCAA investigates]. Then you’re saying it’s bad news. I don’t necessarily think it is bad news.

“I’m sure they’re gathering information, but we’ll see what they gather.”

Generally speaking, it’s never good when the NCAA is investigating a program but as Richt points out, just because they’re doing so it doesn’t mean that they’ll uncover something.

And given Green’s reputation for being a low-key kid, I’m willing to bet they won’t.

Tennessee’s Kiffin pissing off fellow SEC coaches

Lane Kiffin hasn’t even held the Tennessee head-coaching job for three months and already he’s managed to tick off fellow SEC coaches Urban Meyer (Florida), Nick Saban (Alabama), Steve Spurrier (South Carolina) and Mark Richt (Georgia).

Lane KiffinThat kind of preaching-to-the-choir comment fit perfectly into the rhetoric of his first press conference. I doubt it got much of a rise in Gainesville, since the Gators have owned the Vols in recent seasons.

What really irked Florida Coach Urban Meyer was that Kiffin continued to attempt to hire — unsuccessfully, as it turned out — receivers coach Billy Gonzales while the Gators were preparing for the national championship game.

More recently, Kiffin has gotten on the nerves of Alabama Coach Nick Saban to the extent that Saban is asking players who already have committed to the Crimson Tide not to take official visits to UT.
This is in response to Kiffin’s hiring of Lance Thompson off Saban’s staff. Thompson, considered Alabama’s best recruiter, got a big raise to jump to the Vols just two weeks before signing day.
Considering that UT is a combined 1-6 since Meyer and Saban arrived at Florida and Alabama, you have to take your victories wherever you can find them.

And don’t forget that Kiffin also has tugged on Steve Spurrier’s visor. First Kiffin hired his brother-in-law, David Reaves, off the South Carolina staff. Then Kiffin and Spurrier exchanged comments in the press about recruiting.

While we’re at it, Kiffin also threw a $400,000 offer at super recruiter Rodney Garner in an attempt to lure him off Mark Richt’s staff at Georgia. Garner chose to stay at Georgia.

For those keeping score, Kiffin has kicked sand at Meyer, Saban, Spurrier and Richt. It’s no coincidence that those are the coaches of the four most important opponents on UT’s schedule every year. Those are also four programs that the Vols must match in recruiting if they are to regain relevance in the SEC.

Obviously this is all part of Kiffin’s plan to breathe a little life into a Tennessee program that could use a shot in the arm. Is he going about it the right way? Probably not, although that won’t matter if he wins.

If pissing off your fellow conference coaches motivates the program and players, then go for it. But if nothing changes and the Vols get flattened by all of these teams next year, then Kiffin is just going to look like a pompous ass who got what was coming to him.

Florida gets revenge on Georgia in 49-10 rout

Tim TebowWhat’s that old saying? Revenge is best served cold? Well cold, hot, lukewarm, whatever – Florida absolutely gave it to Georgia on Saturday in a 49-10 rout in the game formerly known as “The World’s Outdoor Largest Cocktail Party.”

Urban Meyer and the rest of the Gators didn’t appreciate Mark Richt and the Bulldogs celebrating as a team after scoring the first touchdown in last year’s contest. So Meyer’s team made it personal this time around and while the game was close until the third quarter, once Florida got a lead, it never took its foot off Georgia’s neck.

The Bulldogs really never stood a chance Saturday. There was no way Meyer was going to allow his team to forget about what Richt and UGA did last year and it was comical when he called a time out to savor the flavor with under a minute to play and the game well in the bag. It was nice “up yours” to Richt.

Nothing against Texas, Penn State, Alabama and the rest of the top rated teams in college football, but Florida is the most dangerous team in the nation right now. The loss to Ole’ Miss could have been crippling, but now Tim Tebow and the rest of the Gators are playing with unwavering passion and focus.

Looking at the rest of its schedule, Florida has a solid chance to finish with only one-loss. Vanderbilt, South Carolina and certainly Florida State will provide a challenge, but the Gators should finish 11-1 and with some help, could still play for a national title.

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