Mangino, Kansas had little choice but to move on

Amidst a losing season and allegations that he mistreated players, what choice did Mark Mangino have but to resign at Kansas?

Mangino accepted a buyout on Thursday to leave Kansas after eight seasons as the Jayhawks’ coach. He finishes with a 50-48 record, which ranks him only two victories shy of Kansas all-time coaching leader, A.R. “Bert” Kennedy, and led the Jayhawks to back-to-back bowls in 2007 and 2008. That’s a feat never accomplished before in school history.

But Mangino lost the ability to lead his program after several players came forward to complain about his misconduct. He’s been accused of grabbing and poking players, as well as verbally abusing them.

While none of the allegations have been proven yet, Kansas had little choice but to essentially force him out. It was going to be hard for him to get new recruits with this hanging over his head, especially given that the Jayhawks fell apart this year after a 5-0 start.

In the end, this was the only way that the situation was going to play out. Mangino still gets paid while Kansas can attempt to move forward without this hanging over the program’s head.

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Kansas’ Mangino defends himself following allegations of player abuse

Kansas head football coach Mark Manginio, who is facing allegations of verbal abuse and inappropriate physical contact against players, defended himself on a sports radio station in Kansas City on Thursday.


“We are sending kids out into the world prepared,” Mangino told the radio station. “But I can’t do the work of some parents, what they should have done before [the players] got to me. Some of these guys are bitter, they are bitter and [the allegations] are about that.

“There are some things that happen for 18 years of their lives that I can’t change in four years of college. Can’t do it. Can’t change their behaviors, can’t change their attitudes.”

Kansas athletic director Lew Perkins has launched an investigation into Mangino allegedly grabbing, yelling at and putting his finger in the chest of senior linebacker Arist Wright, who had been laughing during a walkthrough or practice prior to the Colorado game on Oct. 17, two people briefed on the situation told ESPN’s Joe Schad on Tuesday night.

Since then, several former Kansas players come forward with allegations of verbal abuse.

“There are people who want to embarrass the program for their 15 minutes of fame,” Mangino told the radio station.

This isn’t the first time that the KU football program has come under some kind of investigation under Mangino’s watch.

In 2005, Kansas’ athletic department reported to the NCAA that several members of the football program had committed academic fraud under Mangino. In 2006, a graduate assistant was found to have supplied answers to correspondence courses being taken by potential athletes. As a result, the football team was limited for two years in its recruitment of junior college transfers and also lost two scholarships for each of the 2007 and 2008 seasons.

Granted, Mangino said that he didn’t know anything was going on and did take responsibility for his staff. But one has to wonder whether or not these recent allegations will lead to his ousting at KU if he’s found guilty of any wrong doing.

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