Blogging the Bloggers: Lou Holtz, Russian Nets, fantasy hoops and more

SPORTS BUSINESS DIGEST informs us that Russia’s richest man is considering financing the Nets new stadium in Brooklyn and in return will receive a considerable stake in the team.

BALL DON’T LIE features a guest blogger from RealGM who offers a few reasons why fantasy basketball is struggling when compared to fantasy football.

SHUTDOWN CORNER discusses why 78 percent of NFL players are bankrupt or in severe financial distress within two years of retirement.

PRO FOOTBALL TALK thinks that Lou Holtz has lost his mind.

THE WORLD OF ISAAC offers up eight reasons to hate Notre Dame. Reason #8: “The douche bag fans.”

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Aikman, Holtz, Cooper inducted into College Football Hall of Fame

Along with 21 other ex-coaches and players, former UCLA and Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Troy Aikman was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame on Saturday. Former head coaches Lou Holtz and John Cooper were also inducted, as well as ex-players Thurman Thomas and Sam Mills.

Among the others honored Saturday were former UCLA quarterback Troy Aikman, former Oklahoma State tailback Thurman Thomas, former Army quarterback Arnold Tucker and John Cooper, who coached at Ohio State, Arizona State and Tulsa.

Jim Donnan, who coached at Marshall and Georgia, poked at Holtz for choosing an overseas opponent.
“One thing about Lou, he knows how to schedule,” Donnan said. “Playing the Japanese he has a good chance of winning.”

Holtz and Cooper agreed that the key to their successful careers were great players.

“The difference between a good coach and a Hall of Fame coach is players,” Cooper said. “You win with people. Show me a winning coach and I’ll show you a coach that has good players.”

Check out the entire list of inductees by clicking here.

Lou Holtz goes off on Mark May, rips Colt McCoy off camera

Awful Announcing has video of the humorous, yet awkward exchange between Lou Holtz and Mark May of ESPN’s College Football show, where Lou blasts Texas QB Colt McCoy in one of the network’s on-air debates because he thinks he’s off camera.

That was just amazingly awkward and somehow still hilarious! The guy never ceases to amaze me. I think I’m going to coin a new term in this spot and that is the “Trainwreckability Scale” (which has no affiliation with Simmons’ “Unintentional Comedy Scale”). Right now Lou Holtz’s trainwreckabiltiy is sitting at an easy 95 out of 100. After his pep talk this week, he could shoot past 100.

Oh and the other thing is…..he was right. Colt McCoy was not a great QB last year and there were no stipulations about the debate being just for this year or just for one game.

That’s pretty funny, although obviously nowhere near Chris Berman’s off-camera meltdowns. And as for McCoy, he might not have been a good quarterback last year, but certainly has matured this season. He’s far and away the front-runner for Heisman after his performance against Oklahoma.

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