Curry would take less money to play for Lions

In a recent interview with Pat Kirwan on NFL Sirius Radio, Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry said he would take less money than 2008 No. 1 overall pick Jake Long if the Lions drafted with the top pick this year.

Aaron CurryHost Pat Kirwan: “If they came to you and said, ‘We want you, and here’s the deal we want to give you,’ would you do a deal with them to be the No. 1 player in the NFL draft? … Have you thought that through in a business sense with your agent?”

Curry: “Yeah, we have actually. If they were to approach us with a deal and it is feasible, my plan is to be in camp, on time, and having fun.”

Kirwan: “Would you do a pre-draft deal to be the Detroit Lions’ No. 1 pick in the NFL draft?”
Curry: “I sure would. I sure would. No doubt about it.”

Host Tim Ryan: “What if the deal was under Jake Long’s deal from last year?”
Curry: “I’d be more than happy to accept that deal.”

Kirwan: “Can you see yourself in a Lions uniform? Can you really see that?”

Curry: “After my visit to Detroit, I felt very comfortable with the coaching staff and the management. And, you know, they made the new changes to the logo which I fell in love with. And they brought in Julian Peterson ., who I’ve always been a big fan of. I see myself in that uniform, and I could also see myself playing beside Ernie Sims and Julian Peterson.”

Anyone who thinks Curry is a distant third to Matthew Stafford and Jason Smith in the running to be the No. 1 pick is dreaming. If I’ve said it once in the months leading up to the draft, I’ve said it a million times: Curry is the best prospect in the draft, he fills an immediate need for Detroit and he would come significantly cheaper than Stafford and Smith. But what it all comes down to for the Lions is whether or not they are willing to pass on a franchise-type quarterback in Stafford and whether or not they want to sink a significant amount of money into a linebacker corps that already features Sims (a former top 10 pick) and Peterson.

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Should the Lions pass on No. 1 pick?

There’s a notion currently making its rounds on the net that the Lions should allow the time to expire on draft day and pass on the No. 1 pick, essentially relieving themselves of the financial burden that comes along with having the top overall selection.

Given how ridiculous the rookie salaries are these days in the NFL and the fact that it’s a weak draft class, the idea makes sense. If the Lions allow the Rams, Chiefs or Seahawks to select before they do, then they’ll be on the hook financially for the No. 2, No. 3 or No. 4 pick and not the top spot.

But while in theory it makes sense, realistically Detroit could lose more than it gains in the end. First of all, the Lions have holes all over their roster and they need to address those needs by getting quality players. And if they do strike gold with those selections, whether they pay now or later, they’ll eventually have to pay. To be clearer, if they allow the clock to expire and take Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford at No. 3 instead of No. 1 and he becomes a Pro Bowler over the next couple years, his next contract is going to be hefty regardless of what he signed his rookie deal for. So again, whether they pay now or later, they’ll have to pay if they wind up getting a good player.

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