Broncos fighting amongst themselves

Marred in a four game losing streak, the Broncos are starting to take frustrations out on themselves.

According to a report by, receiver Brandon Marshall got into a shouting match with rookie running back Knowshon Moreno, who gave Marshall a two-hand shove to get away from him. Marshall was upset with Moreno after the rookie fumbled at the goal line during Denver’s loss to the Chargers last Sunday.

Moreno, who gave Marshall a two-handed shove to get away, said he didn’t begrudge Marshall for his outburst because everybody is tired of losing.

“We’ve got a lot of emotional players on our team. I’m an emotional person myself,” coach Josh McDaniels said following Denver’s fourth straight loss. “Sometimes that happens. I’m not saying it’s good, as long as people can work things out. Obviously we don’t want to make scenes or problems for ourselves on the sideline. But there are a lot of things that happen on the sideline that involve emotion.”

“I think everybody needs to look at themselves first,” Marshall said. “I’m going to go back and watch film on myself and see what I’m doing wrong, what I changed from last year. How can I help move the ball down the field? Get the ball? I’m going to look at myself first, starting with film from last year, seeing if I changed anything, if my routes aren’t the same, if I’m not catching the ball as well. I’m going to start there.”

It’s no surprise that the Broncos are frustrated considering that a month ago they were 6-0 and seemingly running away with the AFC West. Now they’re in the midst of a four game skid and looking up at San Diego in the division.

Winning is a cure-all, so until Denver starts stockpiling victories again, McDainels is going to have to keep his team focused and together. Thus far, he and his coaching staff haven’t done a very good job of figuring out how to get this team back on the right track and now they’re in quicksand because the losses are piling up.

McDainels and Co. don’t have much time to figure things out. They host the Giants on Thanksgiving Day and another loss could send Denver into a deeper hole than they’re already in.

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