Jeremiah Masoli and the NFL supplemental draft

If I were a NFL GM (and God willing someday I will be, thanks to my extensive sports blogging experience) there isn’t enough booze in an Irish pub to get me drunk enough to select former Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli in July’s supplemental draft.

Despite having one year of eligibility remaining, The Oregonian reported earlier this week that Masoli is expected to enter the supplemental draft. This news comes three weeks after the University of Oregon football program booted him off the team following his second legal incident in six months.

In March, Masoli and fellow genius Garrett Embry pled guilty to second-degree burglary after they robbed a campus frat house for two laptop computers and a guitar in late January. Oregon suspended Masoli for the entire 2010 season, although stated that if stayed out of trouble, he could return to the football team for his final year of eligibility in 2011.

But in early June, Masoli was charged with possession of marijuana, driving with a suspended license and failure to stop at a driveway or a sidewalk. Head coach Chip Kelly had no choice but to kick him off the team entirely following that incident, which brings us to our current situation.

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History repeats itself when it comes to Jeremiah Masoli

At the risk of sounding like a cynic, it wasn’t hard to see all of this coming.

The downfall of Jeremiah Masoli, that is.

The Oregon quarterback was kicked off the team on Wednesday after police cited him earlier in the week for possession of marijuana, driving with a suspended license, and failure to stop at a driveway or sidewalk.

Of course, this citation comes just three months after Masoli pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor count of second-degree burglary for stealing two laptops and a guitar from a university frat house in late January with teammate Garrett Embry. Ducks head coach Chip Kelly had only suspended him for the 2010 season at that point, but now Masoli’s football career, at least at the University of Oregon, is now over.

Should anyone be surprised that this was the outcome of his Oregon career? Even before he arrived in Eugene, Masoli was expelled from Serra High in San Mateo, California in 2005 for muscling people for money outside of malls and at bus stops. He spent a stint in a juvenile detention center after pleading guilty to robbery, yet still had the opportunity to play college football.

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