Blogging the Bloggers: Tiger’s (alleged) special friend, Charles Barkley and more

SPORTSbyBROOKS has pictures of Tiger Woods’ alleged mistress.

– According to SHUTDOWN CORNER, the Steelers’ Ryan Clark would like to punch Josh McDaniels.

NFL SPIN ZONE says that the NFL’s overtime rules are a symptom of a larger problem.

YOU BEEN BLINDED has video of Charles Barkley on John Leno’s show. He talks about Skip Bayless, Jay Mariotti and politics.

GUYISM reports that the Happy Gilmore golf shot is now illegal in Canada.

– A Knicks’ fan debunks “The Ewing Theory,” coined by Bill Simmons, yet Simmons won’t print the reader’s email. Well, DEADSPIN will.

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The 13 Worst Pro-Wrestling Gimmicks Ever

Jay put together a list of the 13 worst pro-wrestling gimmicks ever.

This is just sad.

6. Disco Inferno
He looks like a gay extra from Goodfellas. WCW proved once again that it’s never way-too-late for anti-disco jokes.

5. Robocop
A fictitious robot police officer is created to fight crime in future Detroit. Or to help Sting in the Nineties. Come on.

4. The Boogeyman
FLA-VOR FLAVE!!! Or is it Darth Maul? Either way it sucks.

3. Jay Leno
A big chinned, squeaky-voiced observational comedian who likes Doritos a whole bunch? Not believable at all. What? It’s a real guy? Whoa. He sucks.

1. Tugboat
This dipshit dressed like some sort of old timey ship captain and constantly made the horn sound that tugboats make. Man, this guy really likes tugboats. This is awful.

Just brutal.

Nastia Liukin and Norm MacDonald on “The Tonight Show”

Last night on “The Tonight Show,” Jay Leno interviewed American gymnastics phenom, Nastia Liukin, as well as one of my all-time favorite comedians, Norm MacDonald. Jay kept the questions relatively light and Nastia handled each one with poise and good humor. MacDonald, however, was absolutely hilarious as the first guest. (If anyone can find a video of his segment it would be greatly appreciated.) Norm spoke at length about the Olympics. I’m paraphrasing here:

“And did you get a load of those speed-walkers? Don’t you think they probably got ribbed by the sprinters back at the Village? Don’t you think they’d be like, ‘Hey Sam, I saw you out there in your race—quite a brisk stroll you got there, Sam.’”

“Yeah, and that Usain Bolt guy, good Lord. You know he ran like a 9.6 or something like that in the 100-meter? So, I went down to the track at UCLA to see what I could get. And Jay, you know, I’m quite embarrassed to say, but I finished at just under 35 minutes.”

Here’s Nastia’s interview. Around the 3:40 mark Norm has a great line about how Nastia was robbed of a gold medal on the uneven bars:

“No offense, but that sounds like a bunch of Commie gobbledygook to me.”


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