Jacory Harris out of game after brutal hit

Jacory Harris threw into double coverage again. Weird. His punishment: getting absolutely lit up by a pass rusher.

That hit had all sorts of pain incorporated in it. First, there was the helmet to the chest with about 250 pounds of force behind it. Then there’s the getting lifted off the ground with his feet above his head and landing on his spine … with about 250 pounds of force coming down on top of it.

Harris left the game, which Miami is losing, and isn’t expected to come back. The injury was undisclosed, but I’m going to go ahead and diagnose him with a severe case of jacked-up-edness.

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Jacory Harris is the worst good quarterback in the country

COLUMBUS, OH - SEPTEMBER 11: Quarterback Jacory Harris  of the Miami Hurricanes passes the ball against the Ohio State Buckeyes at Ohio Stadium on September 11, 2010 in Columbus, Ohio. (Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images)

If you’re on Twitter, do yourself a favor and do a search for Jacory Harris. You’re going to see a lot of “Wow!” in that search, but it’s what comes after that “Wow!” that’s the fun part.

From tweet to tweet, it likely varies from “what a throw” to “what the hell was he thinking?”

The Miami junior can be one of the most dynamic players in the country when he’s on, but one of the more frustrating ones when he’s not. And that’s just in the course of one quarter.

Take today’s game against Clemson for instance. Harris hit Leonard Hankerson on a seam route with a pass that couldn’t have been thrown any better. Hankerson didn’t have to break stride after getting behind two Clemson defenders, and went untouched for the touchdown. Even my wife was impressed as she looked up from the Food Network videos she was watching on her laptop.

A couple possessions later, with Miami in the red zone, Harris threw an incredibly horrible interception in the endzone. There was no pressure on him, he just blew the throw.

At this point, we should stop acting surprised at Harris’ up-and-down play. Some people have done that. I heard someone on ESPN Radio this morning state very matter-of-factly that Harris routinely throws into coverage. It’s not something he’s trying to fix, it’s just something he does, which is probably a confidence thing. Harris is supremely confident in his abilities, so he thinks he can make any throw. That’s going to lead to some great things, but some awful things as well. He’s like a skinnier, younger, much less annoying Brett Favre.

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