Great Quotes: Stan Van Gundy

Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy had a few thoughts to share about the Miami Heat and how they are reacting to the scrutiny they’re under.

“I do chuckle a little bit when they sort of complain about the scrutiny when they get. My suggestion would be if you don’t want the scrutiny, you don’t hold a championship celebration before you’ve even practiced together. It’s hard to go out yourself and invite that kind of crowd and celebration and attention, and then when things aren’t going well, sort of bemoan the fact that you’re getting that attention. To me, that doesn’t follow.”

Stan Van Gundy

The Heat’s summer celebration (after signing LeBron, Wade and Bosh) raised more than a few eyebrows around the league. I’m sure the players and franchise just wanted to celebrate the fact that they signed all three players, but it clearly didn’t go over very well outside of South Florida.

It is funny that anyone in their position would be surprised at the attention the team is getting. Of course the team is going to be under heavy scrutiny after the summer it had. And when you lose four games in a row, that attention isn’t going to be positive. Man up.

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Great Quotes: Darko Milicic

“It’s the NBA. The NBA, all around the league, same (garbage). ‘Your chance is going to come.’ All that kind of (garbage). (Forget) that…I’ve got to be real. There is no team in the league that is going to give me the chance that I’m looking for. My only chance is back in Europe. I’m going to do that. I want to be happy. I want to play.”

Darko Milicic, via, on all the lying that goes on in the NBA

Part of me feels bad for this guy. Coming to the U.S. from another country, he spent his rookie season as an 18-year-old kid playing for Larry Brown. Then I check out his page at Basketball-Reference and see that he has made more than $30 million, and I don’t feel bad for him anymore.

He complains about not getting his chance, but it’s not like he was stuck on one team under one regime his entire career. He has played for four different franchises, so he has had plenty of opportunity. He wants playing time? He played 23 minutes for the Magic and Grizzlies in back to back seasons and didn’t average more than 8.0 points or 6.0 rebounds either year.

If he’s such a good player, he would dominate in practice and his head coach would be forced to give him minutes. It’s not like there’s a league-wide conspiracy to keep Darko Milicic down. Head coaches want to win, and if that means he gets big minutes, so be it. If that means he rides the bench, so be it.

When a team acquires a player and keeps him around for a while, that’s an opportunity. It’s his job to practice hard and keep improving to the point where the coach has to give him playing time. If he doesn’t, he’s just squandering the opportunity. And Milicic has squandered plenty…

Great Quotes: Baron Davis/Ricky Davis

“What [Ricky Davis] said to me before the game really stuck with me. He just told me to be aggressive, don’t worry about nobody else out there, just worry about what you’ve got to do, and I guarantee you that we’re going to stay close. You just be aggressive, you just worry about taking care of BD, don’t get frustrated, and play your game.”

— Baron Davis, via ESPN

I find it quite comical that Ricky Davis, who once took a shot at his own team’s basket so that he could get the rebound and register a triple-double, said that Baron Davis shouldn’t “worry about nobody else out there.”

The advice apparently worked, as the Clippers beat the visiting Celtics, 92-90, and (Baron) Davis hit the game-winner. He had 24 points, 13 assists, three rebounds and three steals.

Great Quotes: Phil Knight

Knight, Nike’s co-founder, spoke out about the Tiger Woods situation in a recent interview.

“I think he’s been really great…When his career is over, you’ll look back on these indiscretions as a minor blip, but the media is making a big deal out of it right now.”

— Phil Knight, co-founder of Nike

It’s going to be interesting to see how history judges Tiger for his infidelity. Some are saying that it’s the biggest story of the decade, and it’s hard to disagree. Will Tiger be defined by this like Mike Vick is defined by dogfighting? No, I don’t think so. Tiger is too good at what he does to be defined by this. Once he starts dominating the tour again, this will fade somewhat into the background. But Knight is probably being pretty optimistic when he says it will be a “minor blip” in his career.

What happens if Tiger struggles when he returns to golf? He has to get back to being the #1 golfer in the world or this story will follow him around forever.

Great Quotes: Brandt Andersen

Who the F is Brandt Andersen, you ask? He’s the owner of the Utah Flash, an NBA D-League team. After pitching a rematch between Michael Jordan and Bryon Russell for months, Andersen misled fans by hiring a Michael Jordan impersonator and releasing viral video of “Jordan” eating at a restaurant in Orem. Over 7,500 fans showed up to a Flash game expecting to see the rematch. When fans saw the impostor walk on court, they started booing and leaving the arena.

Here is Andersen’s non-apology apology (from his blog):

“This was done in fun. If you did not see it as fun or you feel we went over the top I am sorry…Since putting out the challenge to B Russ and MJ and the charity of their choice we have tried to put the pressure on MJ to join us…I knew I would not know if MJ was going to attend until a few hours before game time. I never received the call indicating he would not attend…In every interview I said if Jordan did not show we would have a backup that would be entertaining. I promised it would be worth attending…So as a backup, we hired a Michael Jordan lookalike…Like you I was let down. I wanted MJ to show up.”

— Brandt Andersen

Is this guy for real?

He starts off with the non-apology apology, basically saying that the whole thing was a joke and if fans don’t have a sense of humor about it, then he’s sorry. Next up is his spiel about how the promotion came about, but what I don’t get is the line about not knowing if Jordan would show until “a few hours before game time.” What? He’s basically promoting a Jordan/Russell rematch not knowing if Michael Freaking Jordan is going to make it until just before game time? Give me a break.

Then he puts the blame on Jordan for not showing up, when he was the one that created the whole situation in the first place. He talks about how easy it was to disprove the hoax, but in viral or word-of-mouth marketing, credibility is out the window, especially in such a small time frame. Why else would 7,500 or so fans show up actually expecting to see MJ?

To top it all off, he doesn’t even offer disgruntled fans a refund, just two tickets to a future Flash game, which is something that doesn’t really cost him anything. Sweet.

This cat is a piece of work. I’ll give it to him, though — he has giant balls.

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