Taj Gibson’s dunk on Wade in super slo mo [video]

This is pretty awesome, outside of the failed chest bump/high five with Omer Asik after the dunk.

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Taj Gibson throws down…twice. [video]

I’ve seen dunks as good or better than what Taj Gibson had against the Heat, but I’m not sure I’ve seen a single player have TWO dunks of this magnitude in a single game before. I’m sure it has happened — but maybe not in a game of this magnitude.

First, Gibson posterized Dwyane Wade:

Then he followed up a C.J. Watson missed to hammer home his point:

Granted, that second dunk came when the game was basically over and both teams had cleared their benches…but still.

At what point does Gibson’s play (nine points, seven rebounds, two assists and two blocks) make the Bulls regret signing Carlos Boozer to a huge contract?

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